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When the Mediterranean was declared a war zone for Russia

Russia – Amnesty Michael Flynn legitimizes the meetings of Russian representatives with the election team at the June 9 meeting and Russia’s involvement in the 2016 elections; And it should be clarified in the developments related to Trump Tower meetings against Hillary Clinton and the talks between the representatives of Trump and Putin on the Seychelles island before and after the 2016 elections.

During the talks between the representatives of Russia and the Trump team to overthrow Hillary Clinton, many agreements went according to the plans of the parties. In a very friendly atmosphere, Natalie Weslinkatya and Robert Goldstone, as special envoys of the Kremlin in the Trump Tower, met with senior members of Trump’s campaign, including Jared Kushner, Flynn and Manafort, and offered Putin a special gift package for Trump, in which he provided information on Clinton’s destruction. The agreement was presented with the aim of reaching an agreement to improve relations between Washington and Moscow.

According to the agreement, the Russians kept their promises and published the stolen information from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s personal server emails with the help of WikiLeaks. But the formation of security sensitivities by the FBI and the media escalated to the point of ousting Trump campaign figures such as Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Roger Stone and Papadopoulos. People who played a key role in Russia’s plan to overthrow Clinton and build a bridge between the Kremlin and the new Trump administration and ultimately improve relations.

Paul Manafort, who had extensive trade relations with the Russian oligarchs; He was in charge of communicating with Russian delegates to share the necessary information about the status of the Trump campaign and the votes of the US states. In this way, he achieved a common strategy with the Russians to spread false news and deliberately destroy the rival.

Finally, Russia in the 2016 election, with intelligence-cyber actions that led to the theft of information from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s emails; By publishing them on WikiLeaks and sending organized information to reporters via designed e-mails, he was able to spread fake news on American social networks and Rashatodi to destroy Clinton.

After the victory of Donald Trump, Kryl Dimitrov, head of the Russian State Financial Foundation and a close ally of Putin, will be sent by the Kremlin to complete a Russian plan to improve relations between the two countries and establish severed ties with the new Trump administration. To the new government transfer team. During the talks, Dimitriev called for the lifting of sanctions and the return of 35 expelled diplomats that Obama had issued in the last days of his presidency in an executive order on Russian interference in the election.

As part of the deal, Trump in his first days in office gave a secret, special order to the State Department to lift sanctions and repatriate expelled Russian diplomats, which was met with an immediate response from Capitol Hill, who warned Congress to pass Obama’s sanctions. Trump can’t create a rift in it with his powers.

Also in the session of the administration, with the presence of Trump, the amendment of the national security document in favor of the Russians was faced with problems, and the intelligence services and the Congress got involved in the case of communications and theft of Russian information. Sensitivity that led to more serious consequences for Russia, and even a vote of confidence in Congress for members of the government, was a major problem forcing Trump to impose more sanctions on Russia.

The Kremlin, outraged by the Trump administration’s process of reparations, made the most important demand for the lifting of sanctions through its liaisons with the Trump administration.

Russia’s demands were summed up in the context of the Kremlin’s growing role in international developments and joint cooperation in resolving global crises and the fight against terrorism, as well as economic cooperation and greater attention to investment in Russia and the continuation of presidential talks.

Given the security sensitivities exercised by the FBI; The way the Russians interacted with the Trump campaign changed. This time, the mediator was George Nader, the UAE’s foreign security adviser, who, in a trade deal, approached Kushner’s friend Rick Gerson, through whom he presented a US-Russian peace plan to Trump’s transfer team. Given the sensitivity and involvement of the FBI in the case of the Russians; The Trump campaign preferred to communicate directly with the Russian representative; Introduce a member of the transfer team as a mediator to enter into negotiations with the UAE under the pretext of a business meeting away from the FBI.

Eric Prince, a sponsor of the Trump campaign, was selected for the next round of talks. Prior to meeting with Russian envoys, he met with members of the new administration’s Steve Benn, Klein Conway, Wilbur Ross, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner at the Trump Tower to discuss the new government’s proposals for Russia and the plan. The Kremlin was investigated and Seychelles was eventually assigned to Prince.

Eric Prince arrives in Seychelles on January 12, 2017 in coordination with Steve Benn; A place away from FBI surveillance where George Nader owned a private villa. On the Russian side, Dimitriev and his wife Natalie Popova, a close and old friend and business partner of Putin’s daughter (so-called) Katrina Tikhonova, are also attending.

At the meeting, Eric Prince discussed the Russian proposal, which included resolving the Crimean crisis with the recognition of Crimea as part of Russian territory by the United States and the return of Yanukovych to Ukraine.

Prince in the Seychelles informs the Russians that the amendment of the Trump administration security document in favor of Russia in the session of the commission; According to the US National Security Document, which mentions Russia as an enemy, it is in trouble. The intelligence services and the Congress have also been involved in the case of Russian communications and theft of information; This could lead to more serious consequences for more sanctions against Russia.

Transfer of news and information of the Seychelles meeting to Russia; The Kremlin has reacted strongly, threatening to deploy its fleets and aircraft carriers in Libya if the process continues. But the White House immediately threatened Russia that if a navy was deployed in Libya, The Mediterranean Sea has been declared a war zone and the Bosphorus and Dardanelles, as well as Gibraltar, will be closed to them until they return to the Russian fleet.

As news of Russia’s involvement in the election intensifies, as well as pressure from Congress; Trump was also unable to implement Russia’s proposals on the Seychelles, only promising to lift congressional sanctions on three Oleg Dripaska-owned aluminum giants, influential members of the Kremlin and close to Putin. Of course, Trump said that the president will try to maintain Putin’s image in the international community as a powerful president, to have constant contact with each other, and to provide ways for foreign investment in Russia.

Trump and Putin have met 16 times on insincere calls and several times on the sidelines of international meetings; Conversations whose content was never negotiated and the media, and in an unusual move the White House categorized them as completely secret and prevented any access to them.

Trump also kept his promise on foreign investment in Russia. According to US investment statistics in Russia, it has reached its highest level in the last few years, and now the United States is the first foreign investor in Russia, investing in 33 projects, behind China.

The Kremlin has learned from the aftermath of the 2016 election that there are far more complex obstacles to achieving what they set out to reconcile the United States and Russia with the Russian model than with the ambassador-elect.

by Yahya Sorbello

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