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Which country will the American people vote for in the 2020 election!?

Brooklyn – Although Trump’s business policies and job creation and the United States had attracted the attention of many Americans in the first place, the American people have seen his late response to the Corona crisis as a delay in crisis management. The same problem removed the mask from Trump’s dysfunctional management face. Trump did not take the issue seriously with the outbreak of the virus, and he has repeatedly stated that the United States is big and that everything is under control. Today, about a third of all people in the world are American.

Both candidates know that the US election will have a more serious rival than Trump and Biden. Corona is Trump and Biden’s most serious rival in the 2020 election, and the remnants of the virus could be the cause of a candidate’s victory or defeat. The psychological effects of the deaths of thousands of people a day, the fate of 40 million registered unemployed, the cry of workers in the silence of silent companies, the public opinion under the pressure of Corona, are more than two crucial candidates in the US election.

Both parties share the common understanding that Corona is not the only challenge for Trump. It is a global challenge that has engulfed the United States as well. Both parties put national interests above party interests in controlling the virus and saving the US economy.

Even both parties will decide in this election period that the American people will not vote too much in this election. Any candidate who can restore health and well-being to the people and society of the United States and explain this well in the election campaign has a better chance of winning the election.

Right now, the strategy of Trump and Biden to reach the White House is clear. In the aftermath of the Corona Crisis, Trump, unlike in 2016, began his election campaign in cooperation with Russia. This time, the election campaign has begun with an attack on China, which is popular because of Corona’s proliferation in the United States.

The question now is why Trump accuses China of interfering in the 2020 election without providing any evidence, and insists that the country is working hard to prevent his victory in the 2020 election.

That Trump is bringing Beijing into the US election process; There are several reasons. Covering up the White House’s inefficient management of the Corona crisis required a defendant or a foreign partner. China was chosen for this purpose. Trump has repeatedly said that China is the source of the coronavirus; Or China did not immediately inform the world of the coronavirus outbreak and China is seeking my election defeat.

Trump has made it clear in his mind that because he has put pressure on Beijing on trade and other issues, and according to some polls, Joe Biden will win the election, China intends to make relations with Jubayden more friendly. From Trump’s point of view, this action is considered as Beijing’s interference in the elections. But he declined Mueller’s 448-page report on Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election.

The Democrats’ strategy for the election is to define the red line and make it more prominent. They have described Russia’s involvement in the 2020 election as “very provocative” and “warlike”. Following the revelation of the role of the British MI6 and influential people from Greece, Britain, Australia, Ukraine and Israel in the 2016 elections, as well as Russia’s systematic infiltration of these elections; Democrats have the right to see Russia’s intervention as a war. Democrats lost the 2016 election to Russian cybercrime, not to Trump, according to Democratic documents.

Democrats know that at the beginning of the 2016 British election campaign, the MI6 reported that the United States had informed Papadopoulos of talks with Russian representatives at the London summit. And in the midst of the 2016 election campaign, a working group consisting of Jared Kushner, Trump Jr., Flynn, Manafort and Peter Till was formed at the Trump Tower, which was tasked with coordinating with Russia. In the same tower building, they negotiated with Russian representatives, including Goldasson, Natalia and Slenitskaya, and her successor to continue working together on ruining Clinton.

The group is working closely with the Kremlin to deliver on its promise to lift Russian sanctions. They obtained information about illegal funding of Russian resources to Clinton and the Democrats; And as Russia’s goodwill and support for Trump and his administration; Moscow provided the group with highly classified and sensitive information about emails from Mrs. Clinton and her charity. As a supporter of cooperation with Russia, which was also a key member of Trump’s campaign, members of the working group began accepting data about the publication of information against Clinton by accepting some of the Kremlin’s motives.

In March 2016, it was rejected by Russia, and Olga Polonskaya was introduced for initial contacts with the working group. Continuing successful calls, the other side of which was Timothy; Finally, it linked the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA) to Trump’s election campaign. The IRA has been blamed by the Russian company Concord for the information war to interfere in the US election in favor of Trump.

The agency is in the first step following a legal agreement with Papadopoulos; He provided his initial information to the Trump campaign. This information includes activities that the IRA has been creating in the United States since February 2016 with virtual identities, and has been able to prepare black Americans, students, and ordinary people to create social media campaigns for political inconsistencies against any American party.

Smith, a member of the Trump Tower Working Group, worked with Russian hackers to exchange information with the GRU and set up a system with Felix Citter, to extract the desired information from the tens of thousands of correct and incorrect information of WikiLeaks that Russia had designed to mislead the audience. This information was later published on the Russian online networks DC Leaks and WikiLeaks, paving the way for the destruction and defeat of Hillary Clinton.

After the election of Trump, all those who cooperated with Russia in Trump’s election campaign were removed or convicted. Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser, Paul Manafort, Trump’s chief of staff, Rick Gates, Trump’s deputy campaign manager, George Papadopoulos, Trump’s foreign policy adviser, Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, Carter Page, Trump’s foreign policy adviser, Joseph McCarthy and others who have been convicted in connection with the Mueller investigation.

Roger Stone was recently sentenced to prison. He acknowledged that Benjamin Netanyahu had made a serious effort to elect him during the 2016 election. Roger Stone is a longtime adviser and Trump’s 40-year-old friend who ran with Cohen and Manafort, one of the most notorious consulting and lobbying companies in Washington.

Democrats will now warn the American people that with the intervention of foreign countries, the US electoral system and democracy will be severely damaged, and if they are not careful in voting, other countries will choose them.

by Adam Dentor

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