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Iran: Jordan king makes strategic mistake in defining terrorists

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Saturday that allegations made by the Jordanian king against Iran reveals that he makes strategic blunder in defining terrorism and his statements are indicative of his shallow attitude towards regional developments.

IranQasemi made the remarks while reacting to accusations levelled against Iran by Jordanian King Abdullah in a recent interview with a US newspaper where he accused Iran of supporting terrorism. The Jurdanian king visited the US on April 5 to hold talks with President Donald Trump.

‘The Jordanian king had better take a look at the official statistics released about terrorists from his country who joined Daesh and other ignorant and murderer groups and then talk about Iran which is at the frontline of fighting terrorism and extremism and trying to consolidate regional security,’ Qasemi said.

Recalling the continued problems faced by the Islamic world and regional states made by the illegitimate Zionist regime, the official regretted that expressing support to the occupying regime, which amounts to insecurity for the entire region, and drawing baseless and ironic analogies between Iran and leaders of terrorist groups, particularly by the king of an Arab and Muslim country, demonstrates the deplorable and complicated situation the region is currently experiencing.

There is no doubt that a major part of the existing situation in the region is rooted in mistaken attitudes of certain countries’ politicians towards political issues and adoption of wrong and destructive policies which can eventually push the entire region towards insecurity and instability, Qasemi added.

He further suggested that the Jordanian king spend a little time on studying logic, history and geography of the region in order to help restore regional security, stability and unity.


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