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Imam Khamenei: If the United States to wrest nuclear deal, Iran Burn It

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The leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayed Ali Khamenei warned of enemy plots to stop Iran’s progress.

His Eminence scored his comments during the meeting with the heads of the three branches of the Iranian government and the country ‘senior officials in Tehran on Tuesday, noting that: “The agenda of today’s enemy is to stop or delete capabilities the Islamic. Republic or at least to prevent their growth “also stressed the importance of increasing the capacity of the country:” I have repeatedly stated that the country needs to grow in power and we need to promote our potential, “adding that it is only then that Iranian officials can expect the nation to have peace of mind.

Comparatively, Imam Khamenei has to threats by some candidates for the US presidency for demolition last year’s nuclear deal, known as the Joint Global Action Plan [JCPOA], between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries, saying that the Islamic Republic will strongly respond to any such move. “Does not violate the JCPOA, but if the purple opposite side – like the US presidential candidates are now threatening to tear the JCPOA – if you tear the JCPOA, it will burn,” the Imam clarified.

Imam Khamenei also made clear that the United States has so far failed to meet an important part of its obligations under JCPOA, however, Iran fulfilled its commitments as its 20 percent uranium enrichment as Fordow and Arak nuclear installations. “Under the JCPOA, the other side had a duty to lift the sanctions, which he did not. The banking problems have not been solved. The issue of tanker insurance is implemented limited level,” he said. “The payment of oil and our resources we have in other countries are not returned to us,” the Imam added.

He also pointed out that it is a “misconception that we [the Islamic Republic] can come to terms with the United States. We can not rely on illusions.” The Imam also stressed that Washington’s problem with Iran is the very existence of the Islamic Republic can not be negotiated.

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