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Hezbollah Urges Wide Campaign in Solidarity with Palestine, Slams Arab Silence

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As he called for a broad campaign to support Palestinian people against the escalating Israeli attacks, Hezbollah slammed the utter silence of the Arab states, saying they have been distracted by controversial issues.

In a statement issued by the party’s Media Relations on Saturday, Hezbollah called for a wide campaign in solidarity with the Palestinian people who have been passing through escalating ordeal.

The party urged the Arab people to “offer all possible support to the steadfast Palestinian people who are defending all of us against the Zionist threat which has been excluding no one from its malicious plots.”

Hezbollah also praised the Palestinian sacrifices and patience as well as its firm stances.

“Hezbollah stresses the rightfulness of (the Palestinian people’s) resistance in order to liberate their land to retake all their rights.”

The resistance party found odd the “Arab and the international utter silence which has been heavier a day after another.”

“Arab regimes have been distracted by controversial issues that are derailing it from the first and center cause of the Arab nation, the Palestinian cause.”

“These Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people in al-Quds, West Bank and Gaza strip, are continuation of a series of crimes that have not stopped since the occupation of Palestine,” Hezbollah stated.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations

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