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The Zionist Terrorism play War Games

Tehran Times – The mutual murder of the recent Ukrainian airline 752 including the previously assassination of the LT General Qassem Soleimani from the evil Zionists stryking by remote missels likely stingers – drones, it was a low level act of cowards, like cruel guys playing bad videogames from home just easily pushing a button to cancel a life from this world without respect the valor of the human being.

 The future of these terrible weapons is heading us to a new generation of war made by PMC (private military company) and remote weapons ready to hit in distance from any part of the world the target selected by clicking the joystick through the keyboard. Everyday these criminals sit comfortably in a control room shooting the enemy in turn over. Nowadays these terminator machines fly in the sky frequently spying us and out of the sudden they could attack us for any reason.

 Truly convenient to erase a bothering opponent, politician, military, business man or just a leader of a sovereign country. Also the guardian of internet a cyber artificial intelligence work to acquire all informations surfing the web as applications as well, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Google, are a data detected collectors; all of them belong to several jewish families working day by day in releasing dangerous software tools of death for losing our privacy and freedom. 

Taping some words like Allah, Terrorism, President, America, Zionism, Israel, Iran, North Korea it start an alert interceptor mode sending the alarm to the secret services in this case some offices specialized in transmissions like NSA to report all the informations acquired. From the other hand these offices makes propaganda over and over, basically through a large number of corrupted media in worldwide releasing a bunch of fake news in favour of their geopolitical strategy involving all the people around the world from the teenagers, till the adults, then everyone connected in internet is controlled by them in a global brain wash.

 Unfortunately the same technology is working on the car, plane, train, ship and so on, in fact the transponder IFF of a plane can be changed hackering the network system, so a domestic flight identification code could be turned in a military jet, everything is possible specifically when this advanced technology is in the hand of the Zionists. Now in west Google is advertising the function to control the cars by using the voice to program the vehicle.

 Another terrible thing is the PMC cause these companies specialized in providing mercenaries deployed in the all war zones are increasing their team of soldiers becoming much more larger than an usual national army of each country. PMC work strictly with the better offerent in this case the same Anglo American countries attacked Iraq, Sirya, Libya and so on.

 A reason to mantain in poverty the African land is because Zionists need to hire mercenaries, desperate people ready to die for a couple of hundred euro monthly cash, some foreign fighters reach till 800 euro per month. Previously only the French Legion named Legion Etrangere and the Tercio (the Spanish Legion) used to give a salary for 5 years and the citizenship after these years; untill last century they used to hide criminals giving them another identity, now a days all the selections are much more harder because the global system of part time jobless soldiers are pushing the candidates towards the PMC without having an opportunity to make career inside the regular army of their home land (avoiding the patriotism to fight for their country) but only to work in freelance for another country in a period of sessions provided to survive to resign for another mission.

 A Mafia work inside of these organizations, in fact to get the opportunity to participate in a war mission, each soldier must anticipate to them a one month salary including the extra benefits. UN the core of the imperialism domain impose to the all countries to pick up the refugees from the war zones but including lands where the war is not working at all in this case the Africans coming in Europe with smartphone, only young men able to fight; indeed most of them use to work in PMC as mercenaries in Sirya, Yemen, Libya, Niger, Kenya, so the day a civil war will come in Europe just these people will be ready to do what they have done recently with their terrorist actions, then Zionists will accomplish their geopolitical evil plan. 

It’s a new business of this century to control the masses of each country and imposing their influence. Indeed all the people around the world use their technologies, internet, vehicles, digital devices, medicines, language, fashion, media, atheist religion, drugs, ect…Their Hollywoodian industries belong to the Zionists, all the movies are tools of death, promoting the cruelty, the violence, the pedophilia, the gay sodomia, the adult films in favour of prostitution and the mistreatment towards the family in order to destruct the family valors cause the humanity is increasing reaching the 8 billions of citizens in world wide and they want to reduce the human being. 

In the US every year die 2500000 citizens, for homicide, suicide, illness, old age, accidents, and poverty, that’s strange some organizations by UN about the human rights like the popular Amnesty International never report and blame the USA. MS illness is an artificial desease, nobody knows where it come from, sure the ONG and governmental research facilities promote this illness but they never go deep to show the origin of this ghost desease like the HIV – AIDS; all of these ilness are remote biological weapons ready to be active any time. Microphone, Speakers, Handsfree, Television devices basically are transmitors like walky talky even in stand by people are spied fequently, now with smart television in video too.

 Moreover the television broadcasting channels do the rest with their corrupted media around the world delivering fake news and imposing their dictatoriship in the several sovereign countries, one of the bigger in news production like SKY belong to the Comcast group belong to a jewish business man, or like Reuters belong to the a jewish family the same bankers in Iran during the Shah Qajar and Pahlavi were controlling the central bank of Persia. However their mediatic war over and over 24 hr for 7 days every week just play digital hybrid weapons to keep the citizens of each state under their satanist domain; for example in Italy there are several British channels making propaganda against the family, showing the man (husband, fiancee) in killing or beating the woman (wife or fiancee) because their purpose is separate the relation between men and women, unfortunately they succeed because in Europe the economy crisis is helping the people to commit suicide – homicide. On the aviation navigation charts named Inflight AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication) is monopolized by the US government basically all the flights are managed by ther map, so who give to us the confirmation about the earth is a globe? Who give to us the safety to fly in a secure area?

 Who give to us the reality of the distances? one of my friend work in Rome at the airport of Fiumicino as controller inside the radar tower and he told me to fly from Tokyo Narita Airport to Los Angeles International Airport just the plane never trim by the pacific ocean to come in front of California but fly from Japan, to south Korea, north Korea, Russia, Artic, Alaska, Canada and United States of America landing at Los Angeles International Airport, so why this important information no any media tell us? also before the departure it is required a flight plan cause without it risk to being shot down. So why nobody says anything about the military jet can fly at 10 km higher than a domestic flight?

 Of course because they are just weapons against the all population eventually something it goes in the wrong way they can do whatever they want, just remember the case of Andreas Lubitz the co-pilot of the Germanwings 9525 accident in 2015 depicted by the all corrupted media like a suicide man on a domestic flight, but some witness villagers living in the town of the Alps they said to have heard a big noise like a explosion and the plane crashed was completely destroyed deployed in a large area of 3 km likely stryked during the flight because those day an exercitation of NATO against Russian aviation remote forces was working in the Alps, moreover the all the intercontinental planes use the FBW (fly by wire) a system that replaces the conventional manual flight controls of an aircraft with an electronic interface CPU in remote control either.

Like for the 11 september 2001 who knows what really happened but for sure this guy of 27 years old wasn’t a suicide, now it is possible to understand the decision of the Alitalia airlines to cancel Rome to Tehran in 2018 cause they knew about the American conflict risk. All of these horrible remote weapons are in the hands of the Zionist criminals, the only people capable to use their advanced technology to destroy any country making any sort of proxy war. So no problem for Pentagon because they want to keep the Zionist power by clicking a button on the keyboard to kill the next human being that fight to prevent their hellish domain.

 To do that they are developing new digital robotic weapons like the cyber dog a 4 feet machine capable to walk and run in the desert transporting weapons and shooting like a sniper and releasing mini drones to open the way to their army, all in all like in the videogames cause the life of the human being value almost nothing. 

The Italian citizens of the Tuscany region of the association for a sovereign Italian country away from US – NATO just wrote a condolence letter to the Iranian ambassador in Italy mr Hamid Bayat saying their concern about the decision to kill the LT General Qassem Soleimani and they condammed the United States of America and the Nato for assassination asking to the other countries to do the same in taking distances from this cruel homicide and reflect in regard of the use of drones and the all remote digital weapons mentioned because all of them are a concrete threat for the life of the human being.

by Diego Vida

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