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You Will Be Defeated in Lebanon

Ibrahim Al-Amin

Let the oppressive regime in Saudi Arabia do what it wants. Let the Saud Family exhaust it self the way it wants, and grunt what they want all the time. Let them raise their voices and lift their banners and weapons as high as they think they can reach, and let their madness spread wherever they want. Let them do everything they think is of interest to them, and then let them weep… all this will not help in such a thing called the bitter truth.

You Will Be Defeated in Lebanon

It is called the cruel defeat. Its name is the day of the great escape, where there is no dust to cover the scene, no cries to grab attention, and no shadow to prevent the sunlight from getting through to where we are, us, the victors over their tyranny and oppression. Let the sunlight reach where the blood of martyrs writes the story of the defeat of the new “Jahiliyyah” [ignorance].

All the lies that you tell today won’t serve you in anything. They will not help you where you are now nor where you will run to. They will not serve your henchmen wherever they are. All the fake tears and hypocrisy will not change the reality.

Simply, you have been defeated. And you will drink the poison you have created. You have failed in Syria, and there you will be defeated. You have failed in Yemen, and there you will be defeated. You have failed in Palestine, and there you will be defeated. You have failed in Lebanon, and here you will be defeated. Egypt’s army did not protect you from true Arabism, the Arabism of Gamal Abdel Nasser, the man you still fear.

We have lived dozens of years of your hatred to this country. You have provoked Israel to wage the largest devastating war and you have failed. But still you seek to repeat it. Your foolish leaders are once again betting on changes in the US administration, hoping that will unchain “Israel”. So they wage new wars against Lebanon and Syria in order to provide you, your terrorist, and your henchmen with support and life. You will be defeated once again, but you will never change.

What are you doing today?

You send Saad Hariri on a mission- confusing to him before his assistants. He does not know whether to raise the stakes or lower them, to fight or defend. It ends up with him repeating what he has learned from you; the origins of a servile thank you.

Do you think that withdrawing funds or decreasing diplomatic representation can defeat a people who endured your revulsion for decades and did not give in?

Is there someone who told you that among the people there is someone who is ready to lose his life after he has lost his job and dignity just for you to stay on your thrones? No way.

Do you think that a relentless campaign against the resistance in Lebanon will justify the failure of your state, organizations, trades, banks, and businesses wherever you are?

Do you think that workers and employees you threaten to evict, and haven’t been paid for months, will believe your claims that the resistance caused this to them?

Do you think that a couple of clerks you still give them crumbs, are able to create public opinion that will fill the squares and streets for the sake of dementia, recklessness, and madness?

Did someone tell you that we have another Sisi, Hadi, or Bashir in our country that gave you the illusion that you can intimidate people and silence them?

Don’t you know that there is no life in you, and no useful movement with you? There is no room for the production of ideas with you except scenes of humiliation in the house of your obedient child?

What table do you want to flip, on whose head, and for what?

Do you want to spread sedition among those who you stole their dreams and ambitions, or do you really think that in Lebanon there is someone who is able to change the political scene?

Don’t you know that you no longer have a harmful and deadly ally? You only have offshoots of terrorist groups being defeated in Lebanon and Syria. Or is it time to remove the final mask and reveal your monstrous features?

Your only hope is to leave before the temple collapses on you before everyone else.

If you think your exit as well as your money’s exit from our country is considered a victory, then please, be victorious and leave our country and land now before tomorrow comes. Hopefully, you will find someone to protect you when you are leaving.

Source: Al-Akhbar

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