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Very useful agreements reached with China in various fields

Mehr News – Stating that his visit to China was very fruitful and successful, Iranian president expressed hope that the the two countries cooperation in various fields will be further developed.

Upon arrival in Iran after his official trip to China, Ebrahim Raeisi said, “This trip was done at the official invitation of Mr Xi Jinping, during which we had numerous meetings and negotiations at different levels with the respected President of China.”

The President added, “The strategic level of the two countries’ communication had also made the negotiation situation strategic so that we could pursue the issues of interest to both sides, especially in the economic and commercial fields.”

Pointing out that the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to build trust in neighbours and economic convergence in Asia, Raeisi said, “This trip was very important because it could implement agreements in various commercial and economic areas between the two countries. Therefore, 20 memoranda of understanding were signed by the officials the two countries.”
The President added, “In the meeting that was held after the conclusion of these contracts and agreements, the serious will of both sides to continue and develop cooperation in various commercial, economic, energy, science and technology fields was emphasised and we were able to make good decisions in all topics”.

Raeisi stated, “The ministers present in this trip also had very good negotiations and very good decisions and agreements were reached that all cooperation between the two countries should be accompanied by technology transfer.”

The President went on to state that the other topic of the negotiations of this trip was related to the cooperation between Iran and China in international organisations, and noted, “Considering China’s important and prominent role in organisations such as Shanghai and BRICS, we witnessed China’s desire for the Islamic Republic of Iran to become a member of the BRICS organisation, and this matter will be followed seriously by the Minister of Foreign Affairs so that the country can benefit from the capacity of effective and useful membership in this extra-regional organisation.”

Pointing out that the Islamic Republic of Iran plays an effective role in the field of security at the regional and international level and should be able to play an effective role in the economic field as well, Raeisi said, “This trip is in line with Iran’s effective role in the field of economic and commercial issues.”

Referring to the diverse capacities of our country, the President added, “We must use these capacities in the form of regional and international communications in order to strengthen the country’s economy. Many of these capacities are still untapped.”

Raeisi mentioned his meeting with Chinese business executives and stated, “When he mentioned some of the capacities of our country in this meeting, it was very significant to them. Good communication was established in this meeting, and I hope that their effective follow-up can show its effects in the lives of the people and the country’s economy.”

The President also referred to his meeting with influential figures and Chinese intellectuals and academics and stated, “This meeting was very effective in explaining the position of the Islamic Republic to them.”

Raeisi stated that the general impression of both sides was that this trip was very successful and fruitful, and noted, “If economic actors and my colleagues in the government follow up the resolutions and decisions of this trip effectively, be sure that many openings in economic and commercial areas will be established in connection with China.”

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