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United States, One country with three presidents

Donald Trump considers himself the current president and the winner of the 2020 presidential election, and it is interesting that, he has also nominated himself for the 2024 election. Biden is also the President-elect of the United States. That is, the United States has three presidents at the same time.

US Secretary of State Pompeo, who has stepped up his pursuit of arms trade and brokerage among Arab countries, also claims to be a candidate in the 2024 presidential election. So, with Trump and Pompeo in attendance, the Republican Party and their supporters should not worry about the 2024 election, as they already have two favorite candidates in their pockets.

But Democrats and their supporters should be seriously concerned, as Mr. Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, issued a direct threat to kill them, adding that Democrats should be beheaded for stealing 2 million votes in the presidential election.

Mr. Giuliani is Trump’s lawyer, commissioned by him to assassinate and behead Democrats under a power of attorney contract. There is no doubt that the obligations of the lawyer and the client include the contractual obligation and the legal and moral obligation, both of which have been violated regarding the legal obligation and moral obligation.

According to the law, by concluding a power of attorney contract, the lawyer and the client have rights and obligations towards each other and have legal relations, duties and responsibilities. So, Trump and Giuliani are convicted of murder under the law and the Democrats’ threat.

Attorney General William Barr, who was supposed to take the threat seriously and prosecute its commanders, has been considering resigning before the end of Donald Trump’s presidency, which is considered an escape from responsibility. In any case, Trump and Giuliani’s abuse of office, or so-called judicial apartheid, is another blow to the US judiciary.

Trump and Giuliani continue to make unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud with unsubstantiated skepticism, regardless of the long-term domestic and foreign political consequences. Their ridiculous arguments and documents in these cases that “the dead also voted or many did not participate in the election not only did not solve the problem, but contrary to the expectations of Trump and Giuliani, Biden’s votes increased wherever the votes were considered.” In the final days of his presidency, however, Trump is trying to pardon his family, and Giuliani by issuing an “amnesty order” and abusing the powers of the president, who is accused of threatening to kill Democrats.

All in all, Trump’s effort at the end of the term is that without him, the Corona vaccine would not have been available for another four years; And that the 2020 presidential election was the most fraudulent and corrupt election and the stigma of American history, and the world is making fun of us with this 100% fraudulent election.

Of course, Trump and Giuliani have until Jan. 5, when the result of the states about votes and, more importantly, the Senate on the remaining candidate in Georgia has not yet been determined have time to increase Republicans’ chances of winning Senate seats with this deception and oppression.

Even Republican leaders have taken the risk that, despite Trump’s harsh verbal attacks and baseless claims by him and his lawyer, they could upset Republican voters in the midterm elections in Georgia and prevent them from running and Reduce the chances of Republicans winning this race.

The vote of the people of Georgia for their preferred candidate is very important. A vote that could affect the fate of the United States in the last days of Trump in inciting or not inciting racist and hateful ideas, or not pitting different races and ethnicities of the United States against each other.

Republicans are well aware that Georgia is a state crucial to the 2021 election and the balance of power in the Senate, Congress and the White House. Thus, January 5 is a turning point and another choice about the future and destiny of the United States and its commitment to a peaceful transfer of power. Georgia is a state that can significantly end this horrific state of American society and bring American citizens back to normal life with more hope.

Politically and militarily, Trump had an important achievement at the end of his White House career that did not go to war. But it has set the stage for war for the Biden administration. He has created divisions in the United States and sown the seeds of mistrust in international institutions and agreements, as well as mining relations with Europe, China and Russia; Will hand over the Americans to Biden, that, if it does not lead to the collapse of the United States, will lead the United States to federalism or disintegration; Or it will eventually force the White House to use the same traditional formula that war is the best strategy for maintaining US unity and hegemony. Trump has started the war psychologically and economically with China, but he must understand that the Chinese dragon fire is now burning behind Biden’s window in the White House.

Although Biden still has little access to the full details of the White House, he has also been inexperienced in US domestic and foreign affairs. Biden still does not know that America is in another time and in another America. An America which did not exist in the White House during the previous transition of power. In the New America, it is no longer just the inability of US products to meet domestic demand or foreign market leadership to achieve the world’s largest economy that is hurting America’s greatness, but the inexperience of politicians to lead the New America and the post-Corona world. Is involved. From now on, the White House should not have vain expectations about superpowers and global leadership.

The White House must understand that Corona is not America’s biggest challenge right now. America’s biggest problem is restoring health to American society, along with losing internal cohesion by strengthening the far right and continuing to polarize society, as well as the multibillion-dollar Federal Reserve borrowing giant, which has grown bigger than the US economy.

The state of health care in the United States is worrying, and Americans, on average, pay twice as much for health care as in other developed countries. The US health care system is dominated by for-profit large corporations that dominate free trade in health care, inefficiency, and speculation, and have accounted for part of the high corona slaughter due to “therapeutic trade” in the private sector. Although the plan costs the government more than $ 1,000 billion a year; But it is better for patients to stay hungry than for them to die.

Currently, 87 million Americans either do not have insurance or do not have adequate insurance services. In 2018, 30 million Americans could not afford a prescription due to poor economic conditions, or more than 30,000 Americans die each year for not having access to the medicine they need, and more than half a million people die each year. Americans go bankrupt because of medical expenses. It is time for the US government to establish a revolution in the healthcare system and to transform the healthcare system like the German model and save the people.

di Giovanni Sorbello

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