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Sheikh Qaouk Stresses National Stance on “Israeli” Threats

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Deputy Chief of Hizbullah’s Executive Board, His Eminence Sheikh Nabil Qaouk stated, “We want you [March 14 opposition forces] and us to be on the same national page to face” Israeli “threats, because it is not patriotic for” Israel “to find a stance relieving to them in Lebanon”. 

He gave his remarks during the memorial of Hizbullah’s Martyr Mahdi Nazih Abbas, where he reiterated “Hizbullah’s care to ease domestic situations and political Ambiances”. “The Unanimity in naming the Prime Minister designate Tammam Salam is an exceptional and positive opportunity that must be seized and generalized, because this Unanimity generated a positive impact in light of the sectarian tension, security turmoil, and political division”, he stressed. Moreover, His Eminence added, “When Hizbullah , Amal Movement, Free Patriotic Movement and their allies commenced the appointment of PM Salam, this meant that we do not want to rule anyone out, because we want to meet and communicate for the sake of the nation and strengthen national unity, in order to block the road of secession that the U.S. and “Israel” want. “Sheikh Qaouk emphasized the unity of March 8 components and the Free Patriotic Movement regarding the nature and function of the new government-to-be, stating, “We were optimistic in appointing the PM, we will be optimistic in forming the government and we will be careful in making it work”. On another note, he Deliberated the situation in Syria, noting that “we are used to having a media campaign on Hizbullah whenever the armed groups reach a failure by the paid rumors aimed at Slandering Hizbullah and covering their failure”. Regarding the “Israeli” Minister of War Moshe Yaalon’s threats, Sheikh Qaouk called on for a comprehensive national stance in response to “Israeli” threats, describing them as a national message that should strengthen Lebanon against “Israel”. 

Source: al-Ahed News

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