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Sayyed Nasrallah: US- Saudi Scheme to Be Defeated by Axis of Resistance

Zeinab Essa

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech in which he warned of the new scheme that is targeting the region, represented by the terrorist barbaric groups.

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallh

As His Eminence appeared via video screen on the Day of the Islamic Resistance Wounded Fighters, Sayyed Nasrallah congratulated the wounded Resistance fighters and their families on their day.

“As the martyrs are linked to God. Your bodies have traces that make you linked to God….Your reward is greater than the fighter for the sake of Allah, you are in a continuous jihad and you are responsible to preserve this path through missionary work or other useful jobs.”

Hailing the sacrifices of these noble men who sold their lives for the Hereafter, Sayyed Nasrallah said: “We are in front of men who are fighting and sacrificing in a confrontation against a new scheme targeting our region, which is similar to that they confronted against the Zionist entity.”

Meanwhile, Sayyed Nasrallah reminded of the Palestinian Nakba, which the whole nation is still suffering its consequences. “Palestine is still suffering from the outcomes and repercussions of the Nakba war.” According to His Eminence, “A similar Nakba is taking place in the region through the United States.”

“The US and its allies in the region nurtured the Takfiri terrorist and bariatric groups to our region so that they would destroy the Resistance, its spirit and will.” However, he assured that “there is a great difference between the current “Nakba” and the one of 1948. There are lively groups that currently exist to fight and stand in the way of this new Nakba.”

Denouncing the heinous crimes committed by Daesh [Arabic Acronym for the terrorist “ISIS”/ “ISIL” group], particularly the latest ones in Iraq, the Resistance Leader highlighted Daesh is proud to kill women and children as it did in Baghdad.

“When Daesh incurs defeats in Palmyra, it carries out bombings in Damascus,” he mentioned, pointing out that “when it incurs losses in the eastern Lebanese Mountain range, it carries out bombings in Bourj al-Barajneh.”

Meanwhile, he recalled by-then US Secretary of State and current Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s statements, in which she admits that the US is responsible for training and financing the “Mujahideen” [terrorists] in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

She talked about Washington’s past support for the Taliban as evidence of America’s destructive role in the region. In the remarks, Clinton said: “Let us remember the people we are fighting today [Taliban], we funded them 20 years ago because we were locked in this struggle with the Soviet Union.”

He also cited recent remarks by former US Army Gen. Wesley Clark as saying that the aim of Daesh was to destroy Hizbullah and fight the governments in Syria and Iran.

“They did this so the region will be emptied of its people,” Saayed Nasrallah said.

Moreover, he warned that the US, the West and “Israel” has a problem called the Resistance axis, the Islamic Republic in Iran, Arab Republic of Syria, the Resistance groups in Lebanon and Palestine, and the Islamic Awakening in our nation.

“They have a problem with any party or side against the “Israeli” occupation to Palestine. They have a problem with all sides that confront the US hegemony in the region.” In this context, His Eminence questioned: “How is the US to combat this new enemy?”

“The “Israeli” destroys our infrastructure but not our spirit, culture, and intellect of the Resistance. But the West believes that these groups are able to do so because they will fight you in the name of Islam and strife. They will fight you in the name of the two Holy mosques in Mecca and the Holy Prophet and His wives.”

Sayyed Nasrallah went on to say: “The difference between an “Israeli” and a terrorist is that the latter kills in the name of religion and Islam, and this is the biggest catastrophe.”

He also clarified that “They sought to fight us through direct means, such as the 2006 war with “Israel”, but they failed and so they are seeking the same method they adopted when they fought the Soviet Union.” “They want Daesh to reach Iran’s borders and even within Iran itself. The Saudi regime is trying to do so.

To the Christians in the regions, betting on the US, Hizbullah Secretary General sent a clear message: “America seeks its interests regardless of the consequences. You are paying prices in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan…”

He said Washington didn’t care about Christians or Muslims or even its own people when it comes to achieving what it wants.

“What’s taking place in the region is not a Shiite-Sunni conflict, but a demolition to the awakening spirit through the terrorist groups they brought,” he also cautioned.

As His Eminence assured that “this terrorist scheme is to be defeated and – God willing- it won’t be able to achieve its objectives in the region,” he reiterated that “the confrontation with Daesh, al-Nusra, and their additions isn’t that of freedom, principles, religion, and Quran. It is a battle to defend the Resistance and its axis.”

“The resistance fighters are inflicting losses and defeats to the US scheme which didn’t achieve its goals in Yemen, Syria, Iraq or Lebanon,” he proudly emphasized.

On another level, Sayyed Nasrallah slammed the crackdown on resistance media, saying such attempts to stifle the voice of resistance come while Daesh-linked media outlets enjoy freedom in their propaganda campaign. “Al-Manar would be banned from satellites and internet, but Daesh’s propaganda no,” he said.

Moving to the Lebanese internal front, Sayyed Nasrallah hoped that the next stages of the municipal elections will run as smoothly as the ones held over the weekend.

He further thanked “the voters who voted for our candidates in the Bekaa.” In addition, he reiterated Hizbullah’s commitment towards the Free Patriotic Movement in the municipal elections.

“We ally ourselves with our friends, not our foes, who have not spared any media outlet to slander us. We respect ourselves and our supporters. We are committed with the alliance with the Free Patriotic Movement… We are not linked to the alliances our allies joined and we won’t stab in the back of our friends and allies.”

Nevertheless, he emphasized the importance of the Lebanese unity: “We don’t consider other candidates in other lists as enemies unless they consider us as such.”

Sayyed Nasrallah added: “We don’t mind that our allies join alliances in the elections with our foes. But we didn’t and we won’t do this. We are not obligated towards those whom our allies sided with in the elections.”

Regarding the municipal elections in Beirut, His Eminence stated: “We have nothing to do with the elections in Beirut and the speculation that took place there. Hizbullah made the choice not run against the Future candidates in Beirut.”

On Zahle, he explained that “we didn’t side with anyone in the elections. We hoped that our allies agree on one list but it didn’t happen.”

Source: al-Ahed news

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