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Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s deputy: 99% of the city of “Al-Zabdani” in Syria have been wiped off from ISIS elements

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According to Ahlul Bayt (A) News Agency – ABNA- Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s deputy, pointing out at the importance of the strategic city of Al-Zabdani, Said: “Al-Zabdani is near the Lebanese borders. The presence of the terrorists in this city threatens the security of the international road from Damascus to Beirut and the city of Al-Zabdani overlooks Damascus. Remaining this city in control of the terrorists is dangerous from different aspects. They can block this international road or attack it. For these reasons, it was decided to free the city of Al-Zobdani together with Hezbollah and Syrian army. To this day many victories have been achieved in this mission and a greater part of this city with the exception of 3-4 square kilometers has been freed.

Naim Qassem, pointing out at Saudi invasion of Yemen, Stated: “Yemen is oppressed and Saudi Arabia has committed a heinous crime in this country. The Saudi regime has been bombarding different regions of Yemen for about 5 month and they no other purpose than killing the civilians and destroying the infrastructures of the country. Most of the destruction caused by Saudi forces was done because they could not find any mercenaries in Yemen and had to get involved in the war directly. There can be seen no end for the war in Yemen because even if the Saudi regime continues bombarding Yemen for months and years the will not be able to occupy this country and impose the policies of the Yemeni government.

Talking about the Hezbollah’s stance on the division of Iraq said that: “we and Iraqi people are both against division of the country. The division the Americans talk about serves the Israeli purpose. The integrated Iraq is a country for all groups of people in there and this country should never be divided unless we would have served ISIS, Israel and enemies by doing so. Iraqi nation is stronger than that you yield.

Source: ABNA

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