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Russia-Ukraine war puts double pressure on the whole of Europe

NourNews – An international affairs analyst said that the war between Russia and Ukraine is linked to the European region, which in the event of a multiplication of economic and security pressure would be on the whole of Europe.

An international affairs analyst on the escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine said: The geographical location of Ukraine is one of the most important security environments for Russia, so NATO moved east and entered the Russian security environment, which made Russia very sensitive to the point of raising the issue of war between Ukraine And Russia in the past months.

Mr. Reza Sadr Al-Husseini continued: “There are many reasons that push the Western media to raise the issue of war between Russia and Ukraine, and among these reasons is the expulsion of the Ukrainian national wealth and the specialized forces from Ukraine.”

In such circumstances, Western European countries and the United States are trying to attract Ukraine’s national wealth, which includes Ukrainian dollars, currencies, intellectual strength as well as experienced forces,” he said.

And he believes that given the decline of the United States around the world, it is seeking to ignite a cold war, as he stated: With the approach of the parliamentary elections, America is seeking to create conditions to win more opinions in the next Congress.

Sadr Al-Husseini said: “Another interesting point is the issue of weapons sales by American arms factories to countries in the region. Americans are also trying to create an atmosphere of terror and insecurity for countries that have gone to Russia over the past two years, to buy weapons instead of going to the United States.

He continued: “The Americans are seeking to minimize the issue of European NATO and the separation of Germany and France from the European-American colony and to postpone it indefinitely.”

He said, “Europe and the United States are not ready to start a war today, so it is a mistake to imagine a war, especially with the complex economic situation in Europe as a result of the Corona pandemic, as well as the military weakness of America.”

He added: “The war between Russia and Ukraine is linked to the European region, which, if it occurs, will lead to problems and an influx of migrants to the European countries bordering Ukraine, which will double the security and economic pressure on Europe.

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