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Russia, Syria slam Rome meeting: encourages extremists, bloodshed

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Russia slammed Friday the decisions made at the so-called “Friends of Syria” meeting in Rome this week, which saw the United States pledge direct aid to Syrian rebels.

It viewed that such decisions encouraged “Extremists” who want to seize power by force. 
“The decisions made in Rome as well as the statements, both in letter and spirit, give direct encouragement to Extremists to take power by force, despite the unavoidable suffering of ordinary Syrians”, the foreign ministry said in a statement. At the meeting with European and Arab partners and the opposition National Coalition on Thursday, the United States announced that it would for the first time provide direct aid to Syrian rebels in the form of food and medical assistance as well as $ 60 million in extra assistance to the political opposition. “In our opinion, the urgent task today is an immediate cessation of bloodshed and any violence and a shift to political dialogue which is foreseen by the Geneva Communique”, the statement said. It further mentioned that “Moscow is convinced that this this is exactly what will allow to Realize the goals that are most important for Syrians-to secure a peaceful and democratic development of a single Syria in the interests of all its nationals, without any exception”. Meanwhile, Tishreen Syrian daily viewed that “U.S. and European decisions to back Syria’s rebels with direct aid will only lead to more bloodshed and encourage terrorism in the country”. “In a new episode of the ‘Friends of Syria’ conferences, the West … continued to exploit the crisis in Syria and the blood of Syrians … by encouraging more terrorism, “wrote Tishreen newspaper. The daily criticized U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry for having “forgotten about a political solution through dialogue, rather than providing certain parties weapons that will be directed against the Syrian government”. “This money will fall into the hands of people who live in the best Western hotels and have never been among Syrians, or it will result in weapons, food and medical aid for those who murder and destroy”, said Tishreen. It said the European aid would “inflame violence and terrorism” and “legitimize arming the al-Nusra Front terrorist group linked to a l-Qaeda”.

Source: News Agencies

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