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Rouhani: Enemies Angered by Iran’s Economic Resilience

Fars News Agency – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said enemies are infuriated with the calmness and improvement of Iran’s economy and intend to send negative waves to undermine Iran.

“The enemies are angry that they have failed to destabilize Iran’s economy,” Rouhani said on Tuesday, adding that the government has made every effort to prevent psychological insecurity and instability in the economic environment. He stressed that the enemies have failed to make Iran’s economy collapse via maximum-pressure.

In relevant remarks, Rouhani said on Thursday that his country has managed to nullify the harshest-ever sanctions unilaterally imposed by the US, with the help of people and the economy of resistance.

Iran thwarted the US unlawful sanctions aimed to isolate the country, Rouhani said, addressing the inauguration ceremony of national oil projects in West, Southwest and South of Iran on Thursday. He underlined the important role of the economy of resistance adopted over the past three years since the White House imposed harsh sanctions on Iran in thwarting embargos.

Iran enjoys a great “economy of resistance” that can supply products to the world and regional states at cheaper prices, Rouhani said. He said that Iran proved it is fully resistant to the sanctions as it could resist to the US “economic war” over the past three years. President Rouhani maintained that the era of bullying the international community by Washington is over.

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