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Reports: lebanon arrests more israeli spies

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Security forces in Lebanon have arrested a man who admitted that he had been cooperating with the Israeli intelligence service for more than a decade, media reports said.

The detainee, who lived in a southern suburb of Beirut, admitted that he had cooperated with Israel for more than 10 years and worked for the Israelis in Lebanon and Europe, the Lebanese Arab-language al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Saturday.

The revelation came after Hezbollah last week announced the capture of the “highest paid” spy for Israel.

Last week, the Al-Manar TV reported that the Lebanese army arrested a citizen suspected of collaborating with Israel. Ali Tawfiq Yaghi, a former member of the Baalbek City Council, was branded as the highest paid spy to date, as he was said to have received $600,000 for his services to Israel.

Yaghi, also a former employee of Lebanese Public Works Ministry, began working for the Mossad in 1990, and had undergone intelligence training on how to use invisible ink, encrypted radio devices and other modern means of communication.

He also visited the occupied territories more than once including Tel Aviv, using a fake Palestinian passport. He also travelled to Asian and European states to meet his Zionist operators there.

Yaghi has confessed to his crime stating that he passed to the Zionist entity intelligence on the Lebanese Army and Resistance bunkers, as well as names of Hezbollah and Amal officials and members, along with information on Hezbollah communication network.

The significant role Yaghi played during July 2006 war on Lebanon prompted the Zionist Mossad to hold a ceremony in his honor.

The spy was using the cover of being a City Council member to conceal his espionage. He was also used to complain all the time of his poor living conditions.

Lebanese Army intelligence has investigated with Yaghi and the military investigating judge, Imad Zein, has issued a warrant against him based on articles which carry the death penalty.

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