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Nasrallah Hails Victory of Resistance in Lebanon Election

TasnimHezbollah Secretary General Seyed Hassan Nasrallah said the resistance achieved a “great victory” in the election parliamentary vote that was held on Sunday.

In his remarks late on Wednesday, Nasrallah said the large turnout and the outcome of the election conveyed a message of people’s adherence and commitment to the resistance. He said the huge support for Hezbollah and its allies in the election showed people’s commitment to the path of resistance.

Nasrallah said after years of aggressive campaign targeting the resistance, spearheaded by the Americans, the number of votes and parliament members had increased for Hezbollah and its allies in the Arab country.

The Hezbollah leader further said that contrary to claims, there was no single bloc in the parliament that could claim the majority in elections, adding that none of the honest political parties made that claim.

The advantage of not having a single party or group owning the majority in the parliament, he asserted, makes everyone equally responsible.

He further said the nature of the crisis in Lebanon does not allow one single group to solve the crisis single-handedly even if they have the majority, which calls for cooperation between all different groups.

He also debunked lies promoted by the opposition, including that the resistance bloc sought to postpone the election, that elections were held under the presence of Hezbollah’s weapons, and of Iran’s influence.

“We saw the American embassy and the electoral lists that were made there. We saw the Saudi ambassador and bags of money that were spent. Did anyone see any Iranian intruding in those elections,” he remarked.

Nasrallah called for changing the current election law, saying it is not like some people would win a seat in the parliament with 500 votes while others who get thousands of votes do not reach the parliament.

He hastened to add that there are several reforms that need to be made in the election process such as allowing people above the age of 18 to vote. The division of the districts should also be changed and replaced with making Lebanon a single electoral district, he insisted.

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