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Nasrallah calls peace with Israeli regime ‘Haram’

Mehr news agency – Stating that peace with Israelis is irrational and inhuman, Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement called peace with the Israeli regime ‘Haram’. Emphasizing the importance of responsibility and conscientiousness in different situations, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah in a speech on the 5th night of Muharram said, “There is no doubt that Hezbollah today is the largest Lebanese party, and this is positive, but it entails responsibilities. After nearly 30 years of my responsibility in this path, I know very well the heaviness of the responsibility.”

“Some present the situation as if if we didn’t carry the sword for the sake of fuel, this means that we have abandoned Imam Hussein! This is not correct,” he added. “There are those who criticize and have a different assessment. We have to discuss and guide them, and this is our responsibility, not to attack the critics and lose them.”

“One of the forms of the confrontation is to take the initiative to explain, communicate and clarify,” Nasrallah noted. Hezbollah Leader stressed, “Peace with the Israeli regime is ‘Haram’ because you are renouncing the land owned by the Palestinian people in favor of the occupiers; This is an irrational and inhuman peace.”

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