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MKO, BBC back recent unrest in Iran

Mehr News Agency – Ring leader of MKO (Mojahedin Khalq Organization) Maryam Rajavi in her tweet expounded on the recent unrests happened in Tehran’s Pasdaran district and backed the chaos in Iran vividly.

A couple of days ago, members of Gonabadi Dervishes cult try violently to force police to release a member of their cult who has been arrested because of stealing two cars and they killed 3 policemen and 2 Basij agents.

At least five Iranian security forces were killed in separate car-ramming attacks and a stabbing, blamed on Sufi Muslim followers who had been protesting alleged religious repression by the government in Tehran.

Three police officers were killed and several wounded in the first incident on Monday evening, when a minibus ran them over as they tried to contain the Gonabadi Dervish protesters in the Pasdaran district of the capital.

A Gonabadi Dervish member drove the vehicle involved in the attack, it said. Al Jazeera could not independently verify the information. Images posted by a Gonabadi Dervish-affiliated social media account showed several male members of the group with bloodied faces and foreheads, following apparent police beatings.

Another photo showed several people blocking a street and burning objects to prevent police from moving forward. There were also reports of torched vehicles and other damage to private property. As many as 300 people have been arrested in the recent chaos in metropolis Tehran. Video clips posted Tuesday on social media, however, showed police engaged in running battles with demonstrators on residential streets in Tehran’s northern district.

Hojjatoleslam Mohsen Eje’ei Spokesman for the Judiciary Branch showed reaction to recent unrest in capital Tehran’s Pasdaran district and said, “these groups were inspired by some of external movements and instigations of satellite network channels in a way that these gangs set some properties and belongings of people to fire.”

What was happed in the recent unrest in Tehran should not be ignored easily, so that Tehran attorney generalship should follow up the issue meticulously. For his part, Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli expressed his special thanks to the police forces to curb recent unrest in the country in a peaceful environment.

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