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The latest US presidential election developments

NourNews CBS’s prediction of the distribution of Electoral College votes in the 2020 US presidential election shows that Joe Biden leads with 279 votes over Donald Trump with 163 votes. In this forecast, 96 votes are also unknown.

With less than 60 days left until the November 2020 US presidential election, along with the spread of “anti-racist protests“, “growing and uncontrollable wave of the Corona epidemic” and “deepening” The financial crisis and the social class divide »The wave of accusations between the two candidates has reached its peak.

An examination of the socio-political climate of American society shows that while many experts and activists acknowledge that Donald Trump’s current situation is to blame, the role of the Democrats in this situation is also entirely due to the misuse of conditions to settle political scores rather than the root of the problem.

The latest US election developments over the past few days rightly show that the Democrats’ campaign, because they do not have a clear plan for the future, only denies Trump and has no idea to prove himself. On the other hand; CBS’s prediction of the distribution of Electoral College votes in the 2020 US presidential election shows that Joe Biden leads with 279 votes over Donald Trump with 163 votes. In this forecast, 96 votes are also unknown.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, who is trying to break the lock, wrote on Twitter today: “A huge campaign of misinformation has been launched by Democrats and their partners, including fake media and big tech companies.” They make up false stories and publish them in a way that did not exist even during the 2016 election campaign. This issue endangers our country and must be stopped right now.

Joe Biden responded to Trump on Twitter today, writing: “Mr. President, golf trips on weekends and pointless tweets are enough, now is the time to work and control the spread of the Corona virus.” On the other hand; Following a wave of protests over Trump’s remarks about American veterans revealed in a report in the Atlantic on Thursday, former Republican Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, in an interview with ABC, denounced Trump’s remarks about the military and veterans against the dignity of the Commander-in-Chief. He considered the military forces of a country.

Explaining the reasons for the protests, Ilhan Omar, a Muslim and Democratic member of the US House of Representatives, said: “Everything we are experiencing now under Trump’s presidency encourages us to confront his hatred and the damage he has done to our country.” Enters, enters.

He added: “The protests we see on the streets have been going on in people’s lives for decades, and now this issue has manifested itself along with the corona epidemic, the financial crisis and systematic racism.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has also strongly criticized the Corona issue, saying: “American working families are now worried about sending their children to school. If we want to send students to school safely or reopen our economy safely, we must eradicate the corona virus, but for reasons such as that the president does not believe in science and does not want to act on it. We are in the current situation.

In the meantime, however; The issue of foreign interference in the election process has also become one of the main issues of both sides, and both sides are trying to accuse the other. In this regard, after the statements of some White House officials a few days ago regarding the efforts of Russia, China and Iran to interfere in the elections, Vice President Biden also blamed Russia for the possible defeat of the Democrats in the November elections!

“Absolutely Harris,” the Democratic presidential candidate in the 2020 election, has said that if the Democratic nominee loses the November election, it will be Russia’s fault. Meanwhile, the case of Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections is still open and no results have been obtained.

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