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Larijani: Iran will respond to US breach of its obligations

Iran has considered required measures to face all types of US breach of its commitments and if they continue this approach, we will make trouble for them, Majlis (Parliment) Speaker Ali Larijani said on Saturday.

IranSpeaking about the US excessive demands, he said that Islamic Republic follows a transparent nuclear policy and has an obvious logic in this regard. Insidious moves will harm those who violate their obligations, the official said, referring to the US new anti-Iran efforts.

“If the Americans show an abnormal behavior, as expected, we will make trouble for them,” Larijani noted. He said, “If Americans do not comply with the IAEA conditions, we are also ready to give them an appropriate response.” “We have been bound to our obligations and we will adopt and execute required measures against their conspiracies,” the speaker added.

He said, “We are not concerned about the US and this country’s new government threats.” The world has recognized the current condition of the nuclear agreement and the US breach of its obligations is not something new, Larijani added.

He called the US behavior with regional countries audacious and noted that both Pentagon and CIA are supporting terrorists in the region. In general, they are sabotaging peace in the Middle East and have relations with all terrorist groups in the region, Larijani noted.

He said that Iranian parliament will continue discussions on adopting reciprocal measures vis-a-vis the US.


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