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Italy stresses support for JCPOA

Mehr News Agency – In his meeting with the Head of Foreign Policy Strategic Council Kamal Kharrazi, Italian Foreign Minister stressed support for preserving the Iran nuclear deal in the wake of US withdrawal from the agreement. Italian Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi emphasized European Union’s firm position on full support for the JCPOA, and deemed the agreement an important deal for non-proliferation of nuclear weapons which can guarantee peace and security in regional and international levels.

JcpoaFollowing the meeting held behind closed doors, Kharrazi told IRNA correspondent that the two sides discussed expansion of bilateral ties and conferred on ways to preserve the JCPOA. “Iran always seeks EU’s solid guarantees with regard to JCPOA,” Kharrazi added. “We have maintained that EU’s mere political positions are not sufficient [guarantees] for us.”

As Iran’s first and leading trade partner, Italy is making its utmost effort to abide by the implementation of JCPOA, Kharrazi quoted the Italian foreign minister as saying. “I hope that Iran and Italy will continue to make every effort to expand and broaden their bilateral relations,” Kharazzi stressed.

The Iranian official will next meet with high-ranking officials in Vatican, and depart for Spain to confer on a range of bilateral issues with the new Spanish administration.

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