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Issawi Close to Death

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Doctors in the “Israeli” Kaplan hospital warned of the serious health condition of Palestinian hunger striker Samer Issawi and said he could die any moment.

A statement for the Palestinian prisoner’s society quoted those doctors as saying that Samer’s condition was worsening by the day and his body was noticeably weakening. 
They said that Samer could die any moment, adding that his heart is under 24 hours monitoring. Issawi’s lawyer, Jawad Bulous, sent the same warning Wednesday as “Israel” urged him to convince Issawi to resume taking fluids. The society said that Samer was suffering from acute pain all over his body especially in the abdomen, kidney, neck and spine in addition to unstable heartbeat, low sugar, and weight loss as his weight now is no more than 46 kilograms. The statement quoted Samer as complaining of his guards’ persistent attempts to pressure him especially by eating at his bedside. Samer said that he Refrained from drinking water and having vitamins on Friday to pressure the “Israeli” prison service to allow his lawyers to visit him after it banned their visits. For her part, lawyer Shireen Issawi, Samer’s sister, said that the Ofer military court set a hearing on 21st March for her brother to look into the “Israeli” prosecution’s demand of returning Samer to serve the rest of his 30 – year sentence. She said that Samer was Pondering a boycott of the “racist court” and was Adamant on continuing in his hunger strike. Samer was released in the Wafa Al-Ahrar deal that banned re-arrest of those released, yet “Israel” enacted a law by which released prisoners could be re-arrested and returned to continue their former sentences if they were engaged in any anti-“Israel” activity or violated articles of the agreement. 

Source: News agencies

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