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Irgc: Enemy Attempts to Create Rift in Iran Doomed to Fail

Tasnim News – The commander of the Irgc (Islamic Revolution Guards Corps) dismissed as a nonstarter the hostile plot to mounting pressure on Iran for the purpose of creating division between the Iranian people and authorities.

IrgcIn comments in a gathering of Irgc Ground Force commanders in Mashhad on Tuesday, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said the enemies have been pursuing the “strategy of sanctions and pressure in order to create a rift between the people and the Islamic Establishment.”

“The country’s conditions today demonstrate that the front of enemies has employed a combination of all pressures against the Iranian Establishment and nation,” the commander added, stressing that the plot will end in failure thanks to the vigilance of the Iranian nation. He further highlighted the Irgc forces’ readiness to combat threats and ensure security in border areas.

In comments on June 30, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei slammed the enemy’s “stupid” plot to create division between the Iranian people and Establishment, saying the two inseparable entities would grow links to foil the hostile plots, including economic pressures.

Ayatollah Khamenei also rejected the notion that Iran’s power is being exaggerated, adding, “The main proof of the Iranian nation’s might is that one of the world’s most ruthless and brutal powers, namely the US, has spared no effort and wickedness to confront the Iranian nation over the past forty years without being able to do a damn thing, while the Iranian nation has developed instead.”

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