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Irgc: Enemies exhausted by Iran’s military might

Mehr News Agency – The chief commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the enemies of Iran, exhausted by the Islamic Republic’s military might, have reached the end of the line both strategically and tactically. In comments during a visit to Iran’s western border areas on Wednesday, Major General Salami said the enemy is suffering both mental and political deterioration in the battle against Iran as it can be clearly seen in their tactics and strategies.


Referring to Iran’s significant progress in the defense sector, the IRGC chief said the power of Iran’s enemies is on the decline whereas the Islamic Republic’s might is growing. He said while the enemies have already attempted to exert maximum pressure against Iran in every area, including economic, cultural, and political ones, the country has effectively deterred them from waging war on it.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has turned into a powerful actor in the regional equations and security arrangements, Major General Salami added, stressing that Tehran has gained such valuable experiences over the past four decades that would brook no threat to its security.

In comments over the security of the western borders, the IRGC chief gave an assurance that full security prevails along the country’s boundaries, saying the military forces vigilantly counter any threat against Iran’s sovereignty and security. He said IRGC’s strategic might is palpable in every part of the western frontiers, in such a way that there is no concern about ensuring sustainable security at the border regions.

The IRGC forces’ preparedness has thwarted the threatening moves by the terrorist groups who receive support and orders from the security and espionage services of the trans-regional enemies or the regional ill-wishers, he added.

The commander also noted that the Iranian border guards would not allow anyone to pose a threat against Iran’s independence, territorial integrity and national security.

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