Iran’s coordination with US navy in Persian Gulf, ridiculous

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Mehr News – Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of Staff of Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, turned down Americans’ request for coordination in the Persian Gulf.

“According to the international regulations, Iran owns the offshore of its border in the Persian Gulf, and naturally has to protect its rights in the coastline,” said Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of Staff of Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on Tuesday, “unfortunately a country from the other side of the world has found a source of revenues for itself and entitles a set of special rights for itself.”

“Coordinating with American warships in the Persian Gulf for Iran is ridiculous,” said the general describing the demand of Americans as avarice, “If something happens to Iranian oil rigs in the Persian Gulf, will the foreign warships bear the responsibility.”

The chief of armed forces referred to ICAO (the International Civil Aviation Organization) and the international regulations about foreign flights entrance to air territory of another country, “If a foreign plane flies into Iran’s air territory, Iran’s Air Defense Base will immediately warn the intruder but the same way the arrogant powers make a buzz that Iranians warned an American plane.” He emphasized that warning is the minimum reaction that Iran practices against intruding planes.

“About the JCPOA, from the very beginning it was said that it has nothing to do with the defense section,” said General Bagheri, “later they said that Iran has no right to make missiles with capacity of carrying atomic warheads, something that Iran would never try to achieve, but then they said that Iran should not make any missile because it is possible to equip them with warheads later.”

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