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Iran-Syria military coop. conveys message to Zionists

Mehr News Agency – An Iranian expert on West Asia said that General Bagheri’s visit to Syria sends a message to the Zionists that Iran will always stand by Syria and will not allow the weakening of the Axis of Resistance.

Speaking in an interview with Mehr News Agency, Hassan Hanizadeh talked about the visit of Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran Major General Mohammad Bagheri to Syria and the Signing of the comprehensive agreement to strengthen military and security cooperation with this country.

“Major General Bagheri’s visit to Syria delivered a very important message to the friends and enemies of the two countries, and the signing of the agreement on military cooperation between Damascus and Tehran represents the depth of the strategic relations between Syria and Tehran,” he said.

“The Syrian Arab Republic recognized the Islamic Republic since the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Since then, relations between the two countries have been based on the formation of the Resistance Axis and the development of common interests,” Hani Zadeh said, adding that so far these relations have been maintained despite pressure on Syria to withdraw from the Resistance Axis.

He went on to point out that the visit of General Bagheri to Syria followed the Israeli regime’s repeated attacks on the airspace of this country, adding that “Therefore the Syrian government sought help from Iran to strengthen its air defense and obtain our experience in the field of air defense and the anti-aircraft systems.”

“Unfortunately, the cooperation of Syria with some of its allies in air defense was not strong; In other words, the common interests of some countries allied to Syria for many years were such that they intended to maintain their relations with both Israel and Syria” he noted.

 He further explained that the Iran-Syria joint agreement on military and security cooperation will lead to the strengthening of the Axis of Resistance against the Zionist Regime’s repeated aggression on Syria.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said that following this visit, the Zionist regime must get the message that Iran will always stand by the Syrian government and people and will not allow the Zionist regime’s airstrikes on Syria to weaken the country and the Axis of Resistance.

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