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Implementing Trump’s policies; From West Asia to Latin America!

NourNews – The Cuba crisis and consequently, the crisis in Latin America can be part of the U.S. anarchic puzzle in the global arena, where the crisis-making withdrawal from Afghanistan, direct military action against China and Russia, open support for terrorism in Iraq and Syria, and a direct U.S. attacks on the Iraqi and Syrian resistance forces are part of its dimensions.

Cuba has been embroiled in street riots in recent days, with US officials such as President Joe Biden and White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan taking a stand in support of the unrest in Cuba. Biden said; we stand with the Cuban people and their clear call for freedom and liberation from the decades of economic oppression and suffering suffered by the Cuban dictatorship.

Jake Sullivan also wrote in a Twitter message; The United States condemns all acts of violence or targeting of peaceful protesters seeking their full rights.

Americans’ stance on Cuba can be reviewed in several ways:

First; The United States has spoken out against the right to protest and freedom, saying that for more than 200 years, the United States has systematically perpetrated racism against Indigenous peoples and blacks, and has also been even suppressed when they protest.

Second; Biden claims to support the Cuban people, but these days the United States, which is withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, has not yet answered the question, what has been the result of 20 years of presence in Afghanistan? Why do 18 million of the country’s 40 million people need food aid? What has been the result of the US presence in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, etc.?

Third; Biden makes no mention of decades of sanctions against Cuba. Since the 1959 Cuban revolution, the United States, led by Fidel Castro and Ernesto Chaguara, has imposed sieges and economic pressures and military threats against Cuba, and even more recently, a resolution lifting US economic sanctions against Cuba with 184 votes in favor and 3 abstentions. And 2 votes against passed by the UN General Assembly, has not been implemented.

Fourth; Western media outlets, such as the BBC, have called for support for democracy and their duty to support street riots, but during the decades of Cuban sanctions, they have never spoken of the right of the Cuban people to end sanctions as a pretext for freedom and democracy. It is provocative to carry out interventions.

The media also protested against the beating of Iranian nationals participating in the European presidential election, the suppression of French and German demonstrations in support of Palestine, the massacre of Yemenis by the Saudis, the massacre of Palestinians by the Zionist regime, and the discovery of mass graves of genocidal children. Systematically, the ruling system of Canada and … have been silent.

Base on this; it is clear that the United States is seeking to defeat its decades-long resistance to capitalist domination by launching a new phase of intervention in Cuba to meet Latin America and the Caribbean in the wake of the Venezuelan riots and the recent US coup in Haiti with the assassination of Jovenel Moise. The president has reached his turning point to complete.

The Cuban crisis, and consequently the crisis in Latin America, can be seen as part of the US anarchist puzzle on the world stage, with a critical exit from Afghanistan, direct military action against China and Russia, open support for terrorism in Iraq and Syria, and a direct US attack on the Iraqi resistance. And the Syrian forces are part of its dimensions, a policy that, although Trump spoke, Biden is implementing in practice through military action and unrest in the domestic arena.

by Pooya Mirzaei

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