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Human Rights, The Lost Truth in American Politics and Government

NourNewsHuman Rights – In recent years, the indiscriminate shooting of police officers on black youth has become a major problem. Research shows that a black American teenager is about nine times more likely to be searched by police and shot without a reason.

The brutal killing of an unarmed black American by police has sparked a new wave of reactions to racial discrimination in the world. About 12 days ago, US police killed a black man by using violent behavior. Although this was not the first time that violence against a black man had taken place in the United States and even led to his murder, this time nationwide protests and violence in the United States have become the headline of many news outlets around the world.

What has been most emphasized in this story by the people and the media is the long-term efforts of the United States to show human rights and the claims that the leaders of the United States have in this regard. However, the only example of human rights abuses in the United States or ignoring the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in this country is the spread of poverty, social inequality and racial discrimination.

Official statistics in the United States show that about 40 million Americans live below the poverty line and need the help of charities to survive. This widespread poverty has led to a wide range of crimes in the United States. What makes poverty in the United States more visible than in other countries is the deep class gap between American citizens. The United States tops the list with a GDP of about $ 19 trillion.

The existence of large private companies with very high wealth has made this class gap even more dramatic. For example, while nearly 40 million people in the United States need the help of charities because of poverty, Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, owns nearly $ 70 billion.

Regardless of extreme poverty in the United States, racial discrimination is one of the greatest symbols of human rights abuses in the United States. In this country, skin color determines people’s access to facilities, services and well-being. According to the US Department of Labor, a black worker earns about 70 percent of a white worker’s salary for a similar job in equal physical condition.

In recent years, the indiscriminate shooting of police officers on black youth and adolescents has also become a major problem. Research shows that a black American teenager is about nine times more likely to be searched by police and shot without a reason.

Regarding the freedom of religion mentioned in the Charter of Human Rights, the behavior of the United States was tolerable before 9/11, but after that, there were strictures against Muslims, which simultaneously promoted Islamophobia.

Of course, until September 11, the United States made direct or indirect efforts to put pressure on Muslims outside its borders. Including hostile actions against Iran, a military attack on Iraq, or support for the Zionist regime’s crimes against the Palestinians, but after this incident, anti-Islamism and Islamophobia were clearly on the US agenda.

By defeating veterans of politics in the country, Trump has also put the attack on Muslims on his agenda and insulted them during election rallies. The President of the United States imposed a travel ban on more than 150 million Muslims and non-Muslims in several Islamic countries without providing any solid evidence that they were dangerous.

In terms of anti-Islamism, the United States has gone a step further and created terrorist groups by using the name of Islam in order to tarnish the image of Muslims in the world. Assisting in the formation of al-Qaeda and ISIS and their full support for them is a clear example of human rights abuses.

After the formation of these terrorist groups, the United States committed a wide-ranging crime with a variety of dimensions in its fight against terrorism. The alleged fight against terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and then ISIS has led the US government to ignore the most obvious principles of human rights and, by setting up notorious prisons in Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib, Iraq, to torture prisoners and harass them physically and mentally.

The United States, which until the end of the century was a global advocate of human rights abuses and was widely accepted by many in Europe, Asia, or Africa, is now making a name for itself through information transparency and independent media, Has shown its true face to the point that some international organizations includes America to the list of countries that violate human rights.

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