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Hezbollah Denounces Terror Attacks

Hezbollah denounced the terrorist attacks that struck our Arab and Islamic world over the past few hours. The attacks that hit cities in Turkey, Egypt, Somalia and Nigeria had caused scores of deaths and injuries among civilians. 

HezbollahIn its statement, Hezbollah asserted that “these bombings are a continuation of the barbaric Takfiri approach which commits its merciless inhumane crimes on every place and time without a shred conscience.”

The group went on to say: “These Takfiri terrorists are the scourge of our societies and the disease that must be cauterized after all treatments being fruitless.” “The Takfiri terrorists had also obtained the financial and moral support of Western and Arab powers which draw its map of targets,” Hezbollah said.

Hezbollah further added, “We pause, particularly, at the crime that targeted the Coptic Church in Egypt, as the killers aimed to propose sedition, affront the sanctity of religion, destroy the society and nation as well as the security and safety of citizens at the time worshipers headed to pray.”

“This crime is the continuation of previous crimes committed by Daesh [Arabic acronym for “ISIS” / “ISIL”] against the Egyptian Army and its soldiers,” the group said. Hezbollah concluded its statement by condoling the victims’ relatives, wishing the wounded a speedy recovery.

The group also called the wise men in the Arab and Islamic world towards a unified rising against the terrorists and their supporters to protect our nation from a black future.”

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations

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