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Electronic campaign to free Palestinian children from Israeli jails

Local Editor

Irna – A multi-language international electronic campaign organized by activists to free minor Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails kicked off on Monday afternoon.

 The Monday campaign is using the hashtag #FreeAhmadManasrah on the online social networking services, Facebook and Twitter, in an aim to pressure Israel to release minor Palestinian prisoner Ahmad Manasrah, along with other minor detainees incarcerated in Israeli jails, WAFA reported.

On November 9, a video footage that circulated online showed Israeli interrogators shouting at the top of their lungs at 13-year-old Ahmad Manasrah, whom Israel accuses of allegedly being involved in a stabbing attempt against Israelis in Jerusalem last October, 2015.
The video showed clips of the interrogation of Manasrah, during which Israeli investigators verbally abused him and called him a liar as they questioned him about the incident and his motives.
Manasrah appeared bursting into tears during interrogation, as he swore that he was telling the truth and that he did not remember anything. It showed him begging the investigator to believe him, while crying in despair.

Manasra was then seen crying and agreeing to confess to the accusations brought against him, stating that he was willing to confess to their claims just because he saw himself in the video, whilst at the same time he affirmed that he would confess even though he did not remember anything.
At the end of October 2015, 307 Palestinian minors were held in Israeli prisons as security detainees and prisoners, including four administrative detainees. Another eight Palestinian minors were held in Israel Prison Service facilities for being in Israel illegally.

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