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Berlin: German Extremists Operating in Syria

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German Interior Minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich, revealed that the extremists from Germany are fighting alongside the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

In an interview with the German Spiegel magazine published Thursday, Friedrich said the German intelligence are concerned that those extremists could pose a threat to Germany’s security after they return from Syria.

He affirmed that German extremists who were under surveillance in the country are now operating in Syria and fighting within the ranks of “the armed opposition” groups.
The German Minister stopped short of clarifying how the German extremists were able to move to Syria while they were under surveillance.

He said Germany is following with deep concern the developments of the situation and the calls for Europeans who participated in the fighting in Syria to return home and continue “jihad” back in their countries.

This comes as EU Counter Terrorism Coordinator, Gilles de Kerchove, revealed Wednesday that hundreds of Europeans have joined the ranks of the armed terrorist groups fighting in Syria.
A report issued by the European Police Office revealed that Syria has witnessed a considerable increase in the number of Europeans who are joining the armed groups, warning that will have repercussions on the security situation in the European Union countries.

The report said that EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Gilles de Kerchove pointed out that the Europeans are coming in hundreds to Syria for fighting, warning that this issue poses a dangerous threat to the security of Europe.

Source: News Agencies

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