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Assad: Prince Bandar, Saudi FM Support Terrorism, Want to Destroy Syria

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Syrian President Bshar al-Assad said Damascus will take part in peace conference aimed at ending the current conflict, stressing that his country won’t yield to pressure and won’t stop the military operation against foreign-backed armed groups.

Lebanese daily, ad-Diyar quoted the Syrian leader as saying that Syria has to defend itself against Takfiris. He accused a side in Saudi Arabia, led by Prince Bandar Bin Sultan and foreign minister Saud al-Faisal, of working to topple the Syrian regime, supporting terrorism and destroying Syria because it stood beside the resistance.

Talking before the Lebanese and Arab parties delegation in Damascus, Assad stressed the importance of the military achievements the Syrian army has carried out in several areas, especially in Aleppo countryside and Damascus countryside (Qalamun).

Meanwhile, he assured that the military operation the army has been carrying out in Qalamun would not stop.

The Syrian president acknowledged that there were some faults committed by the government, but stressed that the Takfiris don’t want to deal with these faults.

“The Takfiri’s aim to destroy Syria and bring down its role, and that’s what they are doing right now with a foreign support. At the beginning at the conflict the government had responded to the people’s demands, but the terrorists had taken these demands into another place,” Assad told the delegation.

“Some assure us that they are neutral (in view of the Syrian conflict), especially Jordan. However the facts are opposite to their friendly letters,” President Assad added.

In this context Assad revealed that there are international calls and contact between Syria and several countries.

He noted that the decrease in the active role of the Arab political parties in their societies within recent years enabled extremist thoughts and movements to spread through the Arab world.

Source: Al Manar

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