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Abuse of Tibet Separatist Forces By Nancy Pelosi is On the Spot

In the domestic political struggle in the United States, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a rival who flummoxes Donald Trump, especially her persistent impeachment of President Trump. On February 4, Donald Trump refused to shake hands with Nancy Pelosi before his State of the Union address. When everyone stood up and applauded, Nancy Pelosi shredded her copy of Trump’s address after the president finished his speech, a viral reaction exposing the sharp contradiction between them.

However, at the Munich Security Forum on February 14, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged European countries to steer clear of Huawei, and at the same time she called on other countries to cooperate with the United States in the development of 5G networks. She even warned European countries that they will “choose autocracy over democracy” if they let Huawei into their 5G networks. Nancy Pelosi spared no effort to attack Huawei, and her words were almost exactly the same as President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s attack on Huawei, which made people wonder if she took Pompeo’s speech by mistake. Fighting fiercely with Trump at home, Nancy Pelosi’s tough policy towards China is highly consistent with the Trump administration, which has demonstrated Nancy Pelosi’s consistent anti-China standpoint.

Nancy Pelosi’s most anti-China aspect is her close relationship with the “Tibet independence” separatist forces. She has met with Dalai Lama and other senior members of Tibet separatist forces many times. It was assumed that Nancy Pelosi’s concern for religious freedom and human rights in Tibet was sincere. Her standpoint and behavior may be due to her lack of understanding on the Tibet issue and that she was misled by the separatist forces of “Tibet independence” and the US media. But for more than 20 years, Nancy Pelosi has been particularly concerned about the Tibet issues. As a member of Congress, she also has many assistants and consultants.

She should have a relatively full understanding of the truth about the Tibet. The Tibet issues was originally China’s internal affairs, but out of the goodwill of more communication and mutual understanding, in November 2015, the National People’s Congress of China invited Nancy Pelosi to visit China and visit Tibet in person, so that she and the US delegation could have a better understanding of Tibet.

During the visit to Tibet, the US delegation met with the main leaders of the Tibet Autonomous Region, and visited temples, schools, communities and local residents’ homes. She described the deep interactions with people of all ethnic groups, monks and nuns as greatly helping their understanding of Tibet in a comprehensive way. Pelosi spoke highly of the great transformation in the new Tibet and the efforts by the Chinese government in guaranteeing freedom of religion, protecting ethnic tradition and culture and ecological environment. She said, “Thanks to the efforts by the Chinese government, the living standards of Chinese people, including Tibetan people, have improved significantly. People all over the world have recognized this, and you have every reason to feel proud of this.”

However, Nancy Pelosi did the same trick again soon after, and repeatedly attacked China over the Tibet issues. This only prove that the so-called religious freedom and human rights issues she concerning about is nonsense. As superpower and world hegemony, the United States almost interferes in the internal affairs of all countries around the world. If Nancy Pelosi really cares about religious freedom and human rights, how much does she care about the fate and situation of the American Indians? Why does she ignore the fate of the Kurds? Nancy Pelosi has been in politics for 40 years. As a woman, what voice has she made and what bills has she mentioned about the human rights of comfort women? We have never seen her express much sympathy and support for women and children in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other countries suffering from war.

There is no 100% perfect when it comes to the religious freedom and human rights situation among all countries around the world. Every country, including the United States and China, will always have its own problems. Certainly, the human rights situation in China today is definitely much better than 40 or 50 years ago. But at that time Nancy Pelosi and her congressman were relatively moderate to China. Why are they now criticizing China’s human rights situation? Since the United States needed China to deal with the Soviet Union then, and it was unnecessary to use religious freedom and human rights issues to create trouble for China.

In the past two decades, we have found that all forces that oppose China and the Chinese government, such as “Tibet independence”, “East Turkistan movement”, “Taiwan independence”, “Hong Kong independence”, and even “Falun Gong” can be favored and gained great support by Nancy Pelosi and other American anti-China forces.

The anti-China forces in the United States will stand on the opposite side of China regardless of right or wrong when there are contradictions between China and other countries. The root cause is that the United States cannot accept the rise of China, cannot accept China’s prosperity and strength, cannot accept the Chinese people living a prosperous life like the Americans, and cannot accept being surpassed by China to become the second in the world. Therefore, the United States must do all what they can to contain China, to create trouble for China, and to make China in a regime that would soon collapse and split.

On the afternoon of January 28, 2020, under the auspices of Nancy Pelosi, the US House of Representatives deliberated and passed the so-called Tibet Policy and Support Act of 2019, requiring the US administration to provide financial support to the separatist forces of “Tibet independence” and to cooperate with other countries by putting pressure on China over the Tibet issues, and even made an explicit request to establish a US consulate in Lhasa, the Tibet Autonomous Region. Actually, most countries in the world are aware that the so-called Tibet issue is not an issue of religious freedom or human rights at all, but the issue of the Tibet separatist forces to undermine Chinese sovereignty and territorial integrity.

There are many religions in China, and there is freedom of belief for both native and foreign religion in China. The abuse of religion to instigate and organize anti-China separatist activities has been dealt a due blow. It cannot be distorted into religious issues just because they believe in a certain religion.

The United States knows that there is no way for Tibet independence, but still provides support for Tibet separatist forces to contain China’s growth and development. The Dalai Lama and Tibet separatist forces had the opportunity to improve their relations with the Chinese authority, but support from the United States sent wrong signals to Tibet separatist forces. They mistakenly believed that they could achieve their goals with the support of the United States and went further and further on the road of Tibet independence. Many clear-headed people in the Tibet separatist forces have long realized that they are being cheated by the United States.

The United States uses the fancy words “Democracy” and “Human Rights” as slogans to incite and support anti-government forces in some countries in the Middle East. What the people there get is not democracy or human rights, but long-term civil wars, large numbers of casualties and property losses, which resulting in millions of refugees, causing huge humanitarian disasters. The bitter lessons have further reminded the vast number of Tibetans at home and abroad.

Over four decades of reform and opening-up, China’s economic growth has achieved remarkable achievements. The 1.4 billion Chinese, including the vast number of Tibetan compatriots, are highly confident and our national cohesion has been unprecedentedly enhanced. As a responsible major nation, China has received worldwide attention and respect. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has become an irreversible trend. Any attempt to split China or contain China will end in failure, so as the wishes of Nancy Pelosi and the people like her.

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