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Zionists act like Crusaders regarding Palestine

Mehr News Agency – Palestine: Veteran Iranian politician Ali Akbar Velayati said on Monday that colonialists have always had their greedy eyes on West Asia region, adding Israel’s actions in seizing the Palestinians territories bring back memories of Crusaders’ acts.

Ali Akbar Velayati, a top advisor to Iran’s Leader, said on Monday at the Conference on Liberation of Al-Aqsa in Tehran “the colonialists have always had their greedy eyes on West Asia as the heart of the Muslim world.”

Referring to the Crusades between Muslims and Christians, he added “the seizing of the Palestinian territories is the repeat of the Crusaders’ acts,” adding “in recent years, Americans and Europeans have been pushing for a new Middle East and they have looked for changing its current borders and expand the Middle East to include the Caucasus to have control over the borders of Russia, China and the Islamic world.”

Referring to the Syrian crisis, Velayati said that “if it had not been with Iran’s help, the Syrian government would have fallen in a few months. They also wanted to split Iraq into three Shiite, Sunni, and Kurdish states, but the project failed with Iran’s support for the Iraqi government and people,” adding that if those plots had been successful, “the Zionists’ regime forces would have been along our borders now. Therefore, supporting the legitimate governments of those countries must have been a wise decision.” Regarding US actions in Syria, the top advisor to Iran’s Leader said “the United States misconduct led to the unification of the Kurds in Syria and their confrontation with its conspiracies.”

He went on to add “the Americans have failed in all their actions, because our friends in the region support Iran and today, Iran is the most influential country in the region and a global power in such a way that the United States has not even been able to build up a consensus on Iran in the [recent] Security Council [meeting].”

Referring to Europe and the United States hypocritical behavior regarding Iran, he noted “I believe they have agreed to impose other sanctions on Iran under the pretext of missile and other issues in order to limit Iran’s defensive power and its regional influence but they will not succeed because Iran does not negotiate on its defense capabilities.

Velayati concluded that Axis of Resistance is the only way to liberate the Islamic world and the West Asian region and the Palestine.

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