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Zionist Commandos Rob Rare Items of Damascus Synagogue

di Eslam al-Rihani

The Zionist intelligence agency has succeeded in robbing various precious items from the synagogue located in Jobar neighborhood, north-east of the Syrian capital, Syria Truth website reported.

The Zionist agents were assisted by the Jordanian Kingdom, Turkish militias, the so-called “Free Syrian Army” and al-Nosra front of al-Qaeda which controls the area, the website stated.

The site obtained this information from its correspondent Lea Abarmovitch citing sources close to the Syrian Rabbi Ibrahim Hamra who lives in the Occupied Territories of Palestine since 1994.

The sources confirmed to Syria Truth that the decision to steal the contents of the Syrian Jewish temple was made three weeks ago, due to being a victim of several shells that have ravaged its outer wall.

Moreover, the sources assured that a Zionist commandos unit composed of 15 members landed in Damascus earlier this week and removed rare items from the temple known as “Eliyahoo”. The operation was carried out with the help of Islam Brigades militia, noting that the Zionist commandos were divided into 5 teams in order to get out of Syria through five different directions.

A Syrian Jewish source also revealed that Zionist members of the commando were of Arab origins: Iraqi, Moroccan and Lebanese, and were dressed in Islamist jihadists’ uniforms.

A video, posted on YouTube on March 27, filmed footage of a militiaman falling inside the synagogue, trying to show the frames that have been emptied of their contents. This evidence shows that the work was done by professionals, since no trace of a shell or a destruction of the wall is visible.

Dating from 750 BC, the Jewish temple is one of the oldest in the world, while the district Jobar had at that time one of the largest gatherings of Arab Jews in the world after that of Khaybar in the Arabian Peninsula.

“It was in this temple that the prophet Elijah prayed to God and appointed his disciple Elieshaa as his successor”, the Zionist newspaper Maariv quoted the Jewish historian Yaaron Haraël.

It has one of the oldest libraries of Hebrew manuscripts, including a copy of the Torah, the oldest in the world, and a number of tables and candles.

In recent years, the Syrian authorities had started the rehabilitation of Jewish temples throughout Syria, but works were suspended with the outbreak of recent events.

For its part, Syria Truth confirmed that the assistance of militias was made up through the Military Council of the FSA in the governorate of Daraa – which holds regular meetings with the Zionist intelligence services in Amman since last November, under the sponsorship of the Jordanian intelligence services and the coordinator Ahmad Masri.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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