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Zionism, terrorism pose major threats to Islamic World

Mehr News – Jaberi Ansari, Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran, said the Zionism as well as Takfiri terrorist groups were constituted considerable threats to the world.

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari made the remarks at a meeting with Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, the Grand Mufti of Lebanon, on the third day of his visit to Beirut. He underlined that clerics shouldered a weighty responsibility in confronting Zionism and terrorism as two major hazards to the Islamic world.

Lebanon’s Derian, for his part, confirmed Jaberi Ansari’s comments asserting “both threats can be eliminated through unity and integration of all Islamic religions and neighboring countries.” He added that at a time when Muslim brothers and sisters are victims of non-humane attacks by the Zionist regime while Islamic states are sadly involved with internal disputes.

The Lebanese Grand Mufti said terrorist and Takfiri groups are abolitionist ones who seek to remove and reject others. Also on Wednesday morning, the Iranian deputy FM met and talked with former President of Lebanon, Amine Pierre Gemayel.

At the joint session, Gemayel described Iran as a major country playing an outstanding role inside the region and stressed the need for close and friendly relations with Iran. He went on to add that the Islamic Republic of Iran acted as an older brother for the Lebanese by backing establishment of security and stability in Lebanon. Referring to the current difficult situation in the region and the danger of fragmentation and collapse, the former Lebanese president emphasized the need for a practical initiative for regional security.

Jaberi Ansari also referred to the political and tribal diversity of Lebanon pointing out that the approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Lebanon involved a comprehensive approach and balanced relations with all components of the Lebanese community.

The Iranian deputy minister of foreign affairs, welcoming the idea of the regional security initiative, referred to the plan drawn up by Iran’s FM Zarif to form regional dialogue and highlighted that the main objective pursued by Dr. Zarif’s project was to promote regional security.

At the end of the meeting, the two sides stressed the necessity of expanding and deepening relations between Lebanon and Iran.

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