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Zahhar to Al-Manar Website: We Know Nothing about Any ‘Issued Statement’

di Israa Al-Fass

Leader in Hamas Movement Mahmoud Az-Zahhar stressed on Wednesday the movement’s good relation with Hezbollah, as well as with various elements in the Arab and Islamic world.

Speaking to Al-Manar website, Az-Zahhar considered that “differences in opinions does not ruin relations”, indicating that the movement’s branch in Gaza did not know anything about the statement claimed to be issued by Hamas over its relation with the resistance in Lebanon.

In parallel, the Hamas official stated that the movement’s relation with the Islamic Republic of Iran was “stable” despite the internal changes in the Islamic Republic, and refuted media claims about an end in the relations between the two parts.

He said that none of the Iranian officials tackled such an issue, and ruled out that any changes would occur to Iran’s relation with Hamas and the resistance movements after Sheikh Hasan Rouhani’s election.

When asked about some Muslim scholars’ calls for “Jihad in Syria”, he just said: “Those Muslim scholars hold the responsibility of their calls”.

Regarding the Palestinian resistance movement’s stance from the Syrian crisis, Az-Zahhar assured Hamas’s neutral stance on this issue, as well as any internal issue in the Arab world, indicating that its only concern was fighting the Israeli occupation.

“When the Liberation Organization interfered in internal Arab issues it lost and caused losses to the Palestinian cause… and when it left Jordan and took part in the Beirut crisis during the 70s it lost power and abandoned resistance…” he added.

Source: Al Manar

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