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Yemeni Army, Public Committees Control Aden Completely, Move towards Abyan

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The Yemeni army, supported by the Popular committees controlled Aden completely, including its main airport and presidential palace, and moved towards the governorate of Abyan to liberate it from the takfiris.

As the circulated news about the destiny of the outgoing Yemeni president Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi contrasted, well-informed sources told Al-Manar that the Yemeni army and the Popular committees prevented him from escaping via a helicopter and that they are negotiating with him to turn himself in.

The sources added that Hadi, supported by his assistants, was trying to flee from the country. It is worth noting that KSA, UAE and Kuwait evacuated their diplomatic missions from Eden.

Yemeni army, supported by the popular Committees, had entered on Wednesday morning the city of Aden from several directions, seizing control over most of the area and reaching the Gulf of Aden from Shebwa.

It also restored the Houta city, capital of Lahj province, from al-Qaeda and militia operatives.

The latest developments in Yemen followed various victories the army achieved against the armed militiamen loyal to the Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi.

Hadi was the transitional President in Yemen who fled Sanaa to Aden after submitting resignation in January, where he tried to establish a rival cabinet, igniting civil war in the country and mobilizing armed militiamen against the national military.

Former Defense Minister, Gen. Mahmoud Soubeihi, has been arrested and transferred to Sanaa. Soubeihi was leading in person the latest battles against the army across Yemen.

Nasser Hadi, Hadi’s brother has been also arrested. He used to manage operations carried out by Had’s militia group. Moreover, the army detained Gen. Faisal Rajab, head of Infantry Brigade 119, along with Gen. Fadl Hassan, a former DM official.

Media reports stated that Hadi’s faith is still unknown, underlying that the Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates have evacuated their diplomatic delegation from the country until further notice.

The United Nations urged on Monday unity in Yemen after Hadi called for international military intervention under Chapter 7.

Hadi has been trying to cement his power base in Aden in an attempt to ignite civil war in the country, after he toppled the national partnership agreement signed by various political parties.

Ansarullah group, also dubbed as Houthis, has liberated the capital Sanaa from al-Qaeda operatives last September, and worked to restore security and stability in the attack-hit areas.

The powerful group issued the Constitutional Declaration, in a bid to avoid the power vacuum in the country following the resignation of Hadi and his prime minister.

Source: Al-Manar

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