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World pays tribute to Chavez, Iran condoles martyr of suspect illness

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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad paid tribute to late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez on Wednesday saying he had fallen “martyr” to a “suspect illness”.

Ahmadinejad his close ally for “serving the people of Venezuela and defending human and revolutionary values”.
“He finally died from a suspect illness and he gave his life… to the elevation of his country and the freedom of his people”, Ahmadinejad said in a message of condolences to Vice President Nicolas Maduro.

The Iranian president was backing statements made by Maduro shortly before Chavez’s death was announced that Venezuela’s enemies had somehow afflicted the firebrand leftist with cancer that eventually killed him.
“Venezuela lost its brave, strong son and the world lost a wise and revolutionary leader”, Ahmadinejad added.

“I have no doubt that he will return, along with the righteous Jesus and the perfect human”.
Ahmadinejad said it was a “possibility” that he would attend Chavez’s funeral, the ISNA news agency reported.
A cabinet meeting chaired by the Iranian president declared Wednesday a day of mourning in Iran, the state television website said.

Similarly, Syria paid homage to late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, saying he had taken an “honorable” position on the two-year-old crisis against Damascus.
Chavez “stood on the side of the Arabs’ legitimate rights,” said a commentary carried by state news agency SANA. “He took an honorable stance regarding the conspiracy against Syria”.

Chavez was a staunch supporter of President Bashar al-Assad and maintained close ties with his regime even.

Chavez “repeatedly expressed his solidarity with the Syrian leadership and people, who have been faced with a savage imperialist attack. He denounced American pressure on Syria”, SANA said.
In parallel, Russian President Vladimir Putin called Chavez an “uncommon and strong man who looked into the future and always set the highest target for himself” and thanked him for laying the “solid basis” for Russia-Venezuela relations.

China, which also cultivated strong economic ties with Chavez’s Venezuela, called him a “great leader” and a “great friend of the Chinese people”.

Source: News Agencies

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