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Why is the drone attack on the Iraqi PM residence suspicious?

NourNews – After the protest of the Iraqi people against the election result, especially after the brutal events on Friday in Baghdad, the drone attack on the prime minister’s residence is suspicious and requires deep consideration.

Issuing a statement, Iraqi’s government on Monday morning (local time) reported an unsuccessful attack on the residence of Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, Iraqi Prime Minister. Shortly after the release of the news, Al-Kadhimi called on everyone to keep calm and be restrained in a tweet message.

Development the day after the parliamentary election in Iraq which led to the protest of some Iraqi people against the result, especially after the brutal events on Friday in Baghdad, are among the issues that make the drone attack on the prime minister’s home suspicious that requires deep consideration.

In this regard, it is important to consider the following points:

 First; Any insecurity and instability in Iraq is in absolute contradiction of the interest of the sympathetic political parties and Resistance groups that are trying to create security in this country by sacrificing themselves.

Second; Protesters accuse the officials of an organized and vast election fraud. Protesters have demonstrated their demands peacefully so far. After the attack by security forces which caused the death and injury of a group of people in the protest on Friday, it became clear that some officials are not willing to listen to a peaceful protest of people and respond to it with bullets.

Third; Attack on the residence of the prime minister will definitely marginalize Friday’s event and protestors’ demand, while the fact-finding committee was formed to investigate the brutal events of Friday to identify the masterminds and perpetrators behind the attack on protesters.

Forth; Quick response of the elements, media and groups affiliated with Western countries to the drone attack on Al-Kadhimi’s residence and accusing Resistance groups of doing so is another subject that increases the ambiguities to this suspicious event.

Fifth; In addition to the above-mentioned points, the non-functioning of the American C-Ram air defense stationed in the US embassy in Baghdad makes the issue more unclear. This is while this facility reacts to the slightest move in the sky.

Although the investigation of the documents related to the drone attack will make different aspects of the issue clearer in near future, it is incontrovertibly undeniable that occupiers of Iraq, who have to leave Iraq in compliance with the law passed by the Parliament, are making full use of all political, security and military tools to destabilize and spread insecurity to prepare a pretext for staying in this country.

Awareness, tact and paying attention to the need of maintaining and strengthening the political and national cohesion, especially promoting the status and constructive role of Shitte Marja, are among the most important requirements to settle today’s worrying situation in Iraq.

by Mohammad Ghaderi

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