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Where is the place of Islamic Revolution in world calculations?

Mehr News Agency – Bahman 22nd (February 11) is one of the greatest moments in human history. The victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran not only led to overthrow the tyrannical Pahlavi regime, it also cut the hands of arrogant countries, above all the US, out of the country.

The Islamic Revolution and the subsequent establishment of the Islamic Republic led to major changes in regional and international developments.
The 1979 Revolution was like a sapling that has become a strong tree over the past 40 years and is still growing. The Islamic Republic of Iran has confronted and challenged the US and the Zionist regime’s imperialist policies in the region and the larger world. And Iran’s strategic influence in the region has become the greatest concern of the US and Tel Aviv.

This strategic influence derives from the very nature of the Revolution that attracts the liberal and oppressed nations of the world. It is a popular revolution that originated from pure human nature, which does not accept oppression, aggression and violence. One of the most important effects of the Revolution was to disrupt the balance of power between the East and the West. We have seen the collapse of the Eastern bloc led by the Soviet Union, as predicted by Imam Khomeini. Now, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei has promised the decline of American domination.

Despite all US military, political, economic investments and soft war in the region, President Donald Trump has admitted that Americans have failed and were not able to carry out their plans. It was the Revolution that, with strong logic and modern interpretation, presented a new discourse, according to the needs of Islamic communities and the Arab environment.

Before the Revolution, the issue of Palestine was being forgotten, but the Islamic Revolution changed that mindset and the issue was revived. The hasty plan of the Deal of the Century aimed at wiping out Palestine has been proposed because of the widespread Palestinian resistance. Of course, the Zionist regime and the West tried to tarnish the image of Islam with the terrorist acts of ISIL, al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra Front, but the culture and discourse of the Islamic Revolution still persist and fascinate most oppressed nations. Today, the Western media outlets have launched a warfare campaign against the Revolution and pure Islamic ideology, but as the logic of the Revolution is intrinsic and rational, it is developing day by day. The logic, along with Iran’s defensive and security deterrence, has become a nightmare for the world’s criminals.

By: Mohammad Ghaderi

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