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Where is Hezbollah from Syria Attack?

Ibrahim Al-Amin (Al-Akhbar Newspaper)

What is cute about the Americans and the Europeans is that when they get ready to commit a crime, they hurry to ask the victim about its reaction. In the past few days, they were active on the level of gaining information concerning Iran’s, Syria’s, and Hezbollah’s reactions towards any attack against Syria.

Those simpleminded sides want the victim to stand under the open sky, giving way to say: I am ready to be killed! But the attacker is even ill at ease when witnessing this reaction. He wants the victim’s family to catch up with him, cheer and thank him for having the chance of being one among its victims.

Then, someone appears within the decision-making circles in the west to say that the public opinion in Syria, the Arab World, and the west doesn’t accept our silence about a crime committed in Syria. And that any attempt to examination won’t enjoy any sort of media coverage. We mustn’t know that all opinion polls in the United States, Britain and France show that the majority opposes the attack. They also don’t want us to hear that the parliaments in most of those countries do not agree upon the decision of war, in addition to that some well-known experts and officials in the armies’ leaderships and intelligence apparatuses are warning from the risks of such an attack.

They only want us to listen to the voices of the great leaders, who, in a moment, decided, without any evidence or testimony, and without any need to examine, that there is a condemned criminal who must be punished, even without trial. Therefore, the side that issued the sentence is the same side that chooses the type of punishment. However, the side that wants to object must either write a statement of condemnation or deal with it if it wants.

Up till now, all the indicators of the decision making zone indicate an imminent military attack against Syria. But what was leaked from this zone, as well as the supposed sides to apply the decision, indicates the presence of confusion. It might just be an extra time-buying process to coordinate the strike. However, it might be at the same time an opportunity to revise a sort of different messages that were sent hastily to those who are concerned about it. The messages contain that every attack will witness a reaction. But in case the reaction was immediate, wide, and limited, there was no clear response in this regard. Among the confusing questions in various western milieus, there is a central question about Hezbollah’s reaction towards any strike against Syria, as well as the questions concerning Israel’s direct security on one level, in addition to the security of international forces in the region, and the political and military security of the western countries on another.

Hezbollah is completely silent. It is not obliged at the moment to announce a significant position. It is that any statement issued by it will condemn the strike in advance and warn against the dangerous repercussions of this attack on the region. Some words between the lines might imply the party’s readiness to support Syria in defending itself against any foreign attack. As for those who are waiting Hezbollah’s decision, let them wait, but there are some main points that are good to be clarified for those who are concerned:

Firstly: In a case similar to what we are facing today, it is good to pay attention that Hezbollah is a part of a huge alliance led by Iran. Besides the special relationship, the non-secret one, between Hezbollah and Iran, it is better to those who are concerned to well-read Khamenei’s expressions that warn from a “catastrophe that will hit the region” in case a strike was launched against Syria. This position was also represented by distinguished army leaders and armed forces commanders noting that Iran will not accept its Syrian ally being attacked without intervening.

Secondly: Hezbollah is totally involved in the Syrian crisis, particularly in the confrontation between the western-backed or Takfiri armed groups. The party sacrificed dozens of martyrs thereat. It is playing a major role and considers itself concerned with what is going on in relation with a whole vision indicating that the most significant goal of the war is attacking the axis of resistance and reaching it. The party also doesn’t need to know the reasons of any foreign intervention, Israeli, American or European. It has rather been waiting this since a long period of time. Consequently, to those who think that Hezbollah, when it decided to intervene, had studied the issue from all sides and will not retreat now; it is totally opposite because any western strike against Syria will represent an additional motive to the party not only to stand more strongly by the side of its ally President Bashar Assad, but also to be in the heart of the battle to defend Syria against this strike. As for its behavior, it is a question whose answer is still hidden within the party.

Report translated by: Zeinab Abdallah

Source: Al Manar

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