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What were the purposes of Iran’s alleged involvement in the US elections?

NourNews – The White House has accused the Islamic Republic of Iran of meddling in US elections, citing some e-mails it claims Iranian hackers sent to influence US citizens, and has placed some Iranian media outlets on its sanctions list.

Last week, the US government announced that China, Russia and Iran are interfering in the 2020 US presidential election.

The White House has accused the Islamic Republic of Iran of meddling in US elections, citing some e-mails it claims Iranian hackers sent to influence US citizens, and has placed some Iranian media outlets on its sanctions list. Dad, an issue that was denied by the Iranian authorities and the summoning of the Swiss ambassador to our Foreign Ministry.

The issue also opened with the last debate between the two candidates, and Trump said: “These three countries want to prevent me from being elected.” Biden also said: “If the issue is correct, I will have a strong confrontation with these three countries after the victory.”

This issue can be examined from several angles:

A) Assuming the truth of this claim; The United States is upset and angry about its interference in its internal affairs, and has been interfering in the internal affairs of countries and nations around the world for years, calling it democracy and security. On this basis, and given that there is no such thing as security in the United States and no such thing as true democracy, it must give others the right to bring these two gifts to desolate American citizens!

B) From the very beginning of his entry into the White House in January 2016, Trump was accused of having a behind-the-scenes relationship with Russia, and while he imagined that he had closed the investigation of Inspector Robert Mueller, the Democrats reopened the case on election night. They threw him and used him. That led the Republicans to make a new allegation that Trump was a victim of foreign interference, freeing him from the Democrats’ propaganda trap.
The scale of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 US election, which followed Trump’s victory, became so pervasive that some Western media outlets even covered Melania Trump’s relationship with Russia’s intelligence service and favored Trump’s international behavior. Moscow and in the puzzle assessed the reconstruction of the Kremlin power in the world.

C) The claim of China, Russia and Iran in the 2020 US election process has been made by the Trump administration, while according to numerous documents, the most important influential foreign actors in US decision-making and political processes are two rich Arab lobbies (centered on Saudi Arabia and UAE). And they have been Zionists (centered on AIPAC and G-Street) who have put their menus in place, either directly or under the guise of “super packs.”

An important part of this influence in recent times has been made specifically through Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, and many of the White House’s strategic appointments and decisions have been made under his direct influence. The AIPAC lobby’s $ 4.5 million donation to Arkansas Young Sen. Tom Cotton and his membership in the Senate National Intelligence Committee under pressure from Kouchner, who was later accused by some media outlets of spying for the Mossad by his wife, Anna Packham. This is why it was suffocated in the sperm, of course.

Another clear example of Israeli lobbying involvement is the sudden visit of Israeli War Minister Benny Gantz to Washington on Thursday under the pretext of meeting with US Secretary of Defense Mark Speer, which, according to some unofficial reports, was to review the latest election developments. The media controversy over Iran’s involvement in the November elections and the boycott of several Iranian media outlets at the same time as this trip can be considered a deviant line to hide it.

Based on what has been said; The two US candidates have to answer the question that if the principle of interference of one government or foreign current in the internal affairs of another country is bad, firstly, why do they not give up this bad habit and secondly, why they differentiate between different types of interference and try public opinion? To deceive themselves?

by Mohammad Ghaderi

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