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What are the goals of the new wave of Iranophobia in the West?

NourNews – Limiting Iran’s political capacity to defend its interests and making the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran passive in international forums is the main goal of the “Iranophobia” project implementers.

The British government has advised all British citizens to refrain from traveling to Iran. A British Foreign Office statement said: “British nationals may be arrested, interrogated or detained in Iran, whether or not they have dual British-Iranian citizenship.

London added: “Iran has recently detained European nationals traveling on tourist visas, and in such cases the British Foreign Office’s ability to provide consular support is very limited.”

Interestingly, the British Foreign Office specifically recommended that British nationals refrain from traveling to Kish Island.

France has also summoned the head of the Iranian embassy in Paris following the arrest of two European individuals who organized unrest in Iran.

The Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Wednesday issued a statement announcing the arrest of two European individuals who organized riots and disorder in Iran.

The statement from the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence referred to the proven role of these individuals in organizing teachers ‘and workers’ protest rallies and trying to divert union protests to political demonstrations.

The anti-Iranian espionage did not end there, and even extended to the visit of Enrique Mora, the EU Deputy Coordinator in the Vienna talks, to Tehran.

The EU envoy to the Vienna talks was detained at Frankfurt airport on his return from Tehran. The Spanish diplomat’s mobile phone and passport are said to have been confiscated by airport police.

The German police stated that “this inspection was based on computer clues that were related to the Tehran-Frankfurt route, among other things”, and that the reason for the arrest was a trip to Iran.

The final verdict for three Iranian citizens accused of participating in “planning a terrorist attack” in Belgium is another piece of the puzzle. The court charged the three men with collaborating with Asadullah Asadi, an Iranian diplomat in Austria who was sentenced to 20 years in prison a year ago on trumped-up charges.

A spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in response to the politically motivated move, stressed Belgium’s behavior in conflict with the Vienna Convention and said: We are Asadi, a diplomat of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The unconstructive and biased positions of the Western countries, which are pursued in the framework of pursuing the Iranophobia project, while being an example of blatant violation of the rights of the government and people of Iran, are the basis for long-term plans aimed at limiting our country’s political capacity.

These measures, which are taken on the eve of the resumption of the Vienna talks and the increase of hopes for the opening of the existing knots, are practically taking a step in the opposite direction of goodwill as the first condition in any political dialogue.

Meanwhile, the visit of UN Special Rapporteur Alena Dohan to examine the effects of coercive measures (sanctions), which could be an opportunity to express the facts of human rights violations due to unilateral sanctions, has led some Western countries to try to raise the tide of Iranophobia.

The strong opposition of some human rights defenders to the trip and the widespread attempt to put pressure on the UN Special Rapporteur to cancel her visit to Iran is only a small part of the coordinated and purposeful efforts by the organizers of the Iranophobia project to isolate Iran.

The executors of the Iranophobia project have become hyperactive and doubly concerned due to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s initiatives in managing international and regional relations, as well as the considerable mobility that has begun to advance important foreign policy issues, but their actions certainly can not hinder Build on increasing success.

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