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Western terrorism and hypocrisy

The political and financial support of some European states to terrorist groups and elements that have committed criminal acts in collaboration with the spy agencies of the Zionist regime and Western countries against the Iranian nation should be condemned.

What is journalism called when someone undertakes to train improvised firebombs, street fights, and collaborate with foreign states and intelligence agencies to carry out criminal acts?

How can one define a journalist who collaborates with western and Israeli spy agencies and engages in the collection of sensitive national information? The French authorities were aware of Zam‘s anti-Iranian activities and yet he had full freedom in his activities in the country.

It is shameful that for years some European countries have been a safe haven for various terrorist groups such as Mek and Al-Ahwazieh. Some of the high-ranking members of other groups such as Tondar were passport holders from these European countries.

It is a historical tragedy that Europe has classified terrorism into good and bad categories based on its interests and uses them selectively as a tool to advance its agenda. The ongoing vicious circle of hate speech, violence and terrorism is the legacy of this inhuman approach.

One state, on the one hand, secretly awards the Legion d’Honneur medal to a coup dictator, and on the other hand speaks shamelessly of democracy and human rights.

States that, with their unconditional support for the invaders of Yemeni soil and the lucrative trade in destructive weapons, have put a nation in humanitarian famine.

The fact that the United States used an air base in one of these European countries to conduct terrorist operations in the Middle East, including the cowardly assassination of General Soleimani, leaves no room for Western hypocrisy.

Furthermore, the Iranian nation will never forget the role of these European states in arming Saddam with chemical weapons. It is a regret that noble human values ​​have become a toy for these states that have turned everything, including human rights and freedom of expression, into tools for their political goals.

Instead of supporting terrorist elements, the EU should acknowledge its share of responsibility in anti-Iranian actions and apologize to the Iranian nation and the families of those who have been martyred in terrorist and criminal operations.

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