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Paris – West reaping what it sowed, says analyst

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In the aftermath of Paris shooting tragedy, voices are getting stronger among analysts that the violence which brutally manifested itself in France is the fruit of West’s support for terrorism.

“British and French governments have given sanctuary, support and expenses to what I think they call Takfiri or terrorists,” William Spring, a London-based human rights activist, has told Press TV.

Spring said the same Takfiris that enjoy the support of Western government are now committing atrocities in Syria and Iraq and elsewhere.

“That has been in line with the policy of British and French governments for some times and the American government. In other words, the three sides are great allies and not enemies,” he told Press TV’s UK Desk in an exclusive interview.

Spring further emphasized that the world must unite in uprooting terrorism.

“I think the British government should cooperate with all moderate Muslim elements. We know all Muslims are well behaved, follow the civil code, follow the law,” he added.

Source: Press Tv

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