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The West’s False Humanity Versus Iran’s Love and Loyalty

Al-Ahed News – In the midst of the blame game, we forgot about the state sponsoring love on earth – Iran. This country is being punished by the world for its good management of the war against evil. Today amid the coronavirus pandemic, it is being blockaded, allowing this virus to spread faster among its people.

The Iranian people love our martyrs as if they were their own children. They have also sent their sons to the battlefields where some were martyred. There isn’t enough room here to name Iran’s every act of kindness against injustice – from Gaza to Yemen, to Syria, to Iraq, and here in Lebanon. In every victory, you can smell the scent of Persian redemption. And in every moment of pain, there is a cure coming from the country of the great revolution.

Love against tyranny

Today, Iran is fighting the American enemy along all battlefronts as it has done for so many years. It does not only assist the resistance fighters with military support including money, equipment, ammunition, and combat experience. Rather, its men volunteer to fight shoulder to shoulder with other resistance fighters along the deepest points of engagement. In light of the economic sanctions, Iran is fighting for its right to economic freedom as well as ours. It is also confronting the Americans, who have appointed themselves as the sole pillar of the global economy.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and its rapid spread through Iranian cities, morals and humanity were on full display in the fight against the disease. Doctors did not hesitate to treat the infected. Tehran even gave the treatment plan, which showed promising signs for recovery to countries being threatened by this microscopic enemy. Despite the bad conditions, it never occurred to Tehran to suspend aid that it gives to others. It refused to rest and retreat despite being deeply wounded. Instead, it continued to support the fighters with a maximum degree of determination and selflessness.

All this is unfolding before the eyes of the world – the Western world with its false humanity. This world has become more brutal towards its people with some countries even refusing to treat the elderly and instead coming up with the so-called herd immunity approach. Others concealed the truth about the number of infected cases due to arrogance and lacking a sense of responsibility. Some used it as a tool to try and limit coverage of the coronavirus to Iran and attempted to obscure news of the outbreak in other countries.

Iran and China are leading the battle to defend mankind

Today, Iran and China are leading the battle to defend mankind from a virus that may prove to be American made. As for those of us who have nothing to offer Iran except our prayers and love, we apologize on behalf of every individual caught up in pointless and abusive debates and every foolish person who politicized the disease for suspicious purposes.

We apologize for all the ingratitude our country has shown, which has become more blatant today than ever. We apologize, with much tears, for the ungrateful people and the ill-wishers who, intentionally or ignorantly, sought to undermine the Iranian role and for the dreamers who, publicly or secretly, dreamt of a world devoid of the Iranian superpower and the repercussions of the great revolution.

From here, a land that is connected to the Iranian land by blood and love, we are fully certain that victory in this battle belongs to the righteous as it always has been and will remain. No matter how great the pain is or how intolerable the difficulties are, this crisis will pass. Iran will recover and heal from the coronavirus. Meanwhile, the haters will drown in their hatred which is more dangerous than the virus itself. This hatred may become a seasonal flu, years from now.

by Laila Amacha

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