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West accepts Iran as a nuclear country

Mehr News – Stating that the West has accepted Iran as a nuclear country, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) said the West’s only option in dealing with Iran is diplomacy.

“Achieving economic power along with scientific and technological power requires the realization of independence in the literal sense of the word”, Mohammad Eslami said in the opening ceremony of the exploration and exploitation of the Anomaly 8 Stone Mine in Narigan. 

Stating that since before the revolution until today, the enemies did not want to see Iran’s fuel cycle, Eslami stressed that today they have accepted this issue adding that the most important goal of the sanctions is not economical but the goal is to break the will of the Iranian nation. 

Referring to the fact that Iran is now among the top and prominent countries in the field of nuclear knowledge, Eslami noted that Iran obtained this knowledge by relying on its own human resources.

The enemies did whatever they could to prevent Iran from reaching this achievement, added the vice president. 

The AEOI chief further pointed out that now the arrogance knows that it has no other option than diplomacy and that the Western countries have accepted Iran as a nuclear country. 

“More than one million patients use nuclear medicine annually”, Eslami said adding that this is a very important issue since today many countries are facing very serious problems due to the lack of nuclear drugs.

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