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US president delusional about Iran

Mehr News Agency – Iranian senior MP Boroujerdi reacted to Trump’s meddling remarks in support of the recent protests in the country, saying the US president is delusional about Iran and his attempts at dividing the Iranian nation are futile.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Chairman of Iran’s Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi condemned US authorities for making meddling remarks about Iran’s internal affairs, advising them against making unrealistic assumptions about the situation in Iran. “The US and the Zionist regime are trying to drag the current insecurity in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Pakistan into Iran,” he warned.

Boroujerdi went on to add, “the recent sad events that took place in a number of cities across the country stemmed from the rightful demands of people from bankrupt financial institutions; unfortunately, the enemies of the Islamic Revolution and their internal affiliates made efforts to deviate the path of these rightful protests toward riot and unrest.”

Noting that certain dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia do not recognize the least kind of freedom for their people, Boroujerdi added “such events in the free atmosphere of our country are very natural to happen, but the Iranian nation will not allow any countries to intervene in their domestic affairs.”

He went on to voice the Parliament’s support for the public demands, reassuring people that the hiking prices for various forms of energy will happen gradually so as to not cause any problems for various social classes.

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